Choose the light.

Dec 09, 2022
Kemi Nekvapil Blog Weekly Words

As we approach the end of the year and my final Weekly Words for 2022, I want to thank you from the deepest place for supporting my work and my words this year.

My publisher messaged me the other week to let me know that POWER is an undisputable bestseller; this would not have happened without you buying the book for yourself and others in your life. Thank you.

Every week I sit and write to you, a cornerstone of my writing practice; a practice I have now had for nine years, and it is a joy to show up for you and share my experiences, thoughts, insights and musings on navigating life and leadership – without apology.

I write to be useful. I write to shed light on our shared experiences of being human.

Thank you if you have been one of the many people who have taken the time to share your thoughts, insights and musings on Weekly Words; your words have nourished me in the same way I hope my words have nourished you throughout the year.

If we have worked together this year in a one-to-one coaching relationship, through The Gift of Asking Live Program or on a Dare To Lead™ retreat, thank you for trusting me to support you in doing ‘the work.’

As we move toward the end of 2022, there are so many ways we can reflect on the year that has played out on a personal and global level.

What I know for a fact is that if we look for the darkness, we will find it; it is everywhere.

What I also know as a fact is that if we look for the light, we will find it; it is everywhere.

I have lived in and always been aware of the darkness, but now I choose to choose the light.

I invite you to look for and marinade in the light.

If this is hard for you (for whatever reason), I invite you to allow others to hold you in your darkness or allow others to remind you of and show you the light.

2023 Coaching 

The POWER Collective™ – 2023 – A collective of women who show up for themselves, and each, other without apology.

If you would like to work with me alongside a group of supportive and committed women, I invite you to apply for The POWER Collective™.

Early-bird ends today at 5 pm, so if you want to apply, apply today to benefit from the early-bird offer. And if you choose to apply, you will hear from me on Monday.

Otherwise, I will be back in your inbox in February 2023.

Until then, I wish you all the best things this holiday season, rest, connection, flowers and cake.

As always, I would love to hear your insights, thoughts or musings.

Kemi xxx

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