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My Message To You...

This program is called The POWER Collective™ – A collective of women who show up for themselves, and each, other without apology.

When I was writing POWER, I knew I wanted to create a premium 6-month group coaching program that would bring the principles of POWER to life.



“I have just completed the POWER collective program, and am a stronger, clearer, calmer person than I was when I commenced it. The opportunity to share, learn and grow with a group of open hearted women, supported and led by Kemi, was hugely beneficial, and one that I will benefit from long into the future.

I have learnt that I am in charge of my own life, and how to take action consistently with this. I have learnt that the more that I take charge of my life, and stop being a passive observer, the more rewarding life is.

I have learnt that I am responsible for my own happiness. And, as much as I have been told otherwise or believed otherwise, I am not responsible for anyone else's happiness. I do not have to feel guilty for making choices that make me feel happy and safe and whole. I have learnt that I am enough. Feeling like I am constantly striving for "better" or "more" doesn't serve me. What does serve me and makes life feel simpler and calmer is recognising that I am enough, just as I am.

I have learnt that life is richer and more rewarding when I take up space.

I would not have stopped, and learnt these extraordinary lessons, were it not for the POWER Collective™."

Tina Bruce

Community & Holistic Health

“In a culture that frames powerful women as a threat or just 'too much' I knew it was this conditioning that I had to work through. It's so much easier to support and teach other women to do this than to actually do it yourself.

The biggest shift for me is that I've learned to be unpopular and choose myself first. There's been a lot of grief in this process as old businesses, friends and clients have dropped away. I'm starting again but am in a totally new reality. As long as I'm honouring me, I can deal with the losses. At least I'm now not afraid of my own life.

Kemi has inspired me in so many ways because she is a true leader of integrity and power. The Power Principles revealed to me where I was unwilling to look but needed to. Taking ownership of your life is such a rigorous journey that doing it with a group of women who see you in all your vulnerability and bravery is a sacred gift.”

Ekua Simba Abaka

Social Worker/Entrepreneur

“I've known the value of coaching and mentoring, and I knew investing in myself was wise so committing to the 1st ever The Power Collective was a privilege, but the journey was nothing I imagined...

From the first box of absolute delight which had me excited and dancing like a kid, to the initial work sheet which started me on the personal journey with the power principles. Meeting the collective for our first session; women I have never met yet connected and resonated with each one on many levels. Kemi's facilitation, shining light on each of us, professional yet so relatable, candour and humour all in one. Seeing each other for the first time; the knowing hugs, women having fun, playing yes playing, laughing so hard and being filled with delight on the day of delights.

I am present to myself when I need to be, my story; the pleasant and the not-so-pleasant I'm owning and pressing on, I was born unique and worthy and reminded of my equality. So grateful for the worthy connections and the impact of this journey here and leading without apology one day at a time.”

Mission For The POWER Collective™:


  1. To walk alongside an intimate group of 10 -20 women as a coach, facilitator and mentor ( yes, mentoring as well!) for six months.
  2. For this collective of women to hold themselves and each other accountable; learning to live and lead without apology in all areas of life.
  3. For this collective of women to not only understand the principles of POWER but to live into them fully so that they can be the leaders the world needs right now.
  4. I strive for this collective of women to encompass a rich tapestry of diversity, spanning various backgrounds, industries, age groups, abilities, and career levels, as I firmly believe that diversity is POWER. 

Mission For The POWER Collective:

1. To walk alongside an intimate group of 10 -20 women as a coach, facilitator and mentor ( yes, mentoring as well!) for six months.

2. For this collective of women to hold themselves and each other accountable in learning to live and lead without apology in all areas of life.

3. For this collective of women to not only understand the principles of POWER but to live into them fully so that they can be the leaders the world needs right now.

4. I want this collective of women to be from diverse backgrounds, industries, age groups, abilities and career levels because diversity matters.

The criteria to be part of this premium program:

  • You are a woman (or identify as one) and want to be surrounded by women as committed and passionate as you about living and leading without apology
  • You have read/listened to POWER, and it resonated with you deeply
  • You are a professional that wants to live and lead by example
  • You are willing to do the internal work
  • You are kind and coachable and care about the success of others
  • You want a network of connections that offers more than what you already have in terms of professional and personal support and accountability
  • You are ready to step into your next level of growth
  • You believe that having me as your coach is a good investment of your time, energy, and money
  • You want to be part of an ignited and inspired peer group.

What you will gain:

  • Full ownership of all you are and all you are not so that you can live with POWER in the world
  • Consistent accountability and support to take transformative action
  • Build a voice that honours your past, present and future
  • Understanding your values and how to integrate them into your life and leadership (if you already know your values, you will expand their potency)
  • Clarity on what matters to you, why it matters and how to live into what matters
  • Setting boundaries within a safe container and a time frame to understand what works and what needs refining
  • Asking practice…
  • A committed and non-judgmental community of women to support and elevate you
  • And, of course, the magic……we don’t know what that will be yet! But there will be magic. I promise you

What you won't get:

  • Fluff
  • A Facebook group! 

Sarah Townsend

General Manager - Sports & Entertainment

“The unexpected magic for me came in how much I feel I have come home to myself. I feel I know myself better than I did before starting The POWER Collective™.

I understand more deeply who I am and what I want, I am able to articulate what brings me joy and delight when the worksheet first took me so long to do(!), and I now truly feel and sense how much agency I have over my life.

As someone who read POWER and thought that changed their life, being part of The POWER Collective™ was something else. Having the POWER principles bought to life through this program and Kemi walking with you, holding space for you so reverently, and a group of women who are there for them, and yet there to also witness and support you, is truly one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.” 

Rita Marcon

General Manager - Sales/Marketing

“From the moment I embarked on this journey, I knew I was going to experience something unique and valuable. Kemi is a beacon of inspiration and wisdom. Her deep understanding of personal development, coupled with her remarkable ability to connect with individuals on a profound level, has had an immeasurable impact on my personal development.

The program's holistic approach combining practical tools, insightful workshops and a supportive community that fosters growth, resilience, and empowerment. Kemi's unique ability to create a safe and nurturing space for vulnerability has allowed me to confront my fears and embrace my strengths.

Thank you, Kemi, for helping me become the best version of myself.”


Sports Administrator/Sport

“I’ve learnt life doesn't happen "to me", I get to shape it. Second to that, I get to shape it each and every day. This can be in big or small ways.

I also deepened my listening practice. Being in a group coaching format required learning the art of sharing, but also ensuring everyone had the space to contribute. Because this was a new context, compared to work or chatting with friends, it felt like a new opportunity to develop these skills even further.

This is a heart-opening experience with other like-minded women. You will learn things about yourself during and after the sessions that you didn't think you would (in a positive way).

And lastly, Kemi is a pro when it comes to creating safe spaces for women, and she will guide you with compassion throughout the Collective.”

Your Investments...



 $12,000 AUD inc. GST
$1999 deposit with 6 monthly payment of $1996


$7637 USD
$1499 deposit with 6 monthly payment of $1023


6 Months

Start Date – March 06 2024

Online live group coaching sessions will be held on Wednesdays from 12.00-1.30pm AEST. The exact dates of live sessions will be given to you upon enrolment.

Live Event

The Day of Delights 

Day of Delights is an in person event with Kemi so if you are an overseas participant we would love to see you, but please factor this into your decision making.  This event will be held in Victoria, Australia.

As a POWER Collective™ member, you will have access to a private booking link if you would like one-to-one coaching during the program.

It would be an honour to walk alongside you as part of The POWER Collective in 2024.

This is an application-only program because of the depths we will go and the connections you will make internally (for yourself) and externally (with others).

It would be an honour to walk alongside you as part of The POWER Collective in 2023.

This is an invitation or application-only program because of the depths we will go and the connections you will make internally (for yourself) and externally (with others)


Chief Curator/Healthcare

“Kemi has created a program that supports you to explore yourself and the way that you operate within the world, resulting in more confidence and the ability to take ownership of your story. Through facilitating a safe space full of wonderful women who bravely share their experiences, which helped me to reflect on my challenges and context.

Thoughtful content delivered in a way that enabled me to reflect and engage, and of course a constant stream of surprise delights to ensure that we always focused on some beauty and joy. Kemi successfully guided us through six of deep learning and development which I am sure is going to be ongoing.”

Meg Arthur

Educational Publisher – Education

“The POWER Collective was a deeply transformational experience for me in a way that I had not expected.

The bond that the participants formed was part of the magic, and Kemi's facilitation of the group as we shared personal and vulnerable stories was masterful. She is compassionate and challenging at the same time, brings humour and kindness, and is an inspirational leader. I hope to work with Kemi in the future and believe that she has been instrumental in creating a powerful shift in how I see myself and my life.

I have finished the course with a greater sense of confidence and purpose, and am very grateful for the experience.”



“One of the more significant shifts I experienced in The POWER Collective™ was to finally see that I have value. This has impacted everything!

I have stopped giving my power away, I now ask for what I need, I let myself feel and get curious as to what and why(not just with myself but invite others into those discussions), I celebrate my successes, and recognise that creating boundaries is a way to be kind not just to myself but those around me. Just a few minor things...”

What's Next?

If you know that being coached by me and being part of a collective of women doing the same work as you is what you need, fill out the application using the link below.

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