Empowering Women to Live and Lead Without Apology.


Kemi Nekvapil

My Origin Story. 

"My story is not my excuse - it's my why."

As a black child raised by five sets of white foster parents (some incredibly loving, some - not so much) I always felt that I had to prove my worth, so that I would to be 'allowed to stay.'' I had to be not only a 'good girl' but a 'good black girl'. I had no say in where I would live or who my new mum and dad would be, or where I would be living next.

I was told to always be thankful, always be grateful for what I had, to never ask for more and, to never rock the boat.

And now with thirty years of personal and professional development in my bones, things have changed.

Professionally, I am an ICF credentialed coach with nearly a decade of ethical coaching under my belt.

I work with women who want to lead value based and empowered lives. 

I am a feeling person. I can be with and honour my own feelings; so I can sit with and honour your feelings.

I am a person of meaningful action; so I can guide you to create meaningful action that supports you and your life.

I have no agenda and I don't judge. 

If you want someone to walk alongside you, as you step into your worth and begin to create the life that you want, it will be my honour and privilege to support you.

"There is power in taking up space, and being seen."

-Kemi Nekvapil

My Mission


The world has never needed women to own their voices and step into their power the way it does now. My mission is to create a safe coaching space for women to own their worth and honour themselves.

When women do this, we have a positive impact in our own lives but also the lives of others.

By breaking down the cultural myths around asking and worthiness which many of us have learned in childhood, we can elevate ourselves and each other.

Asking allows us to feel fully empowered, valued, and worthy in all aspects of our lives.

I want us to use our voices because they matter.

I want us to stand in whatever spaces we want and know that we are worthy enough to stand there.

I want us to live fully.

Kemi Nekvapil

Kemi Nekvapil is one of Australia’s leading credentialed coaches for female executives and entrepreneurs, an author and a highly sought-after international speaker. She has studied leadership and purpose at The Gross National Happiness Centre in Bhutan and trained with Dr Brené Brown to become a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator, working with teams and organisations to create daring leaders and courageous cultures. Kemi is a facilitator for The Hunger Project Australia and a regular interviewer of industry icons including Elizabeth Gilbert, Martha Beck and Marie Forleo, and she hosts the number one ranking podcast The Shift Series. With a level of compassion and wisdom only gained through extraordinary life experience, Kemi is a powerful advocate for connected, value-based living.

My Core Values



I am committed to connecting to all parts of my humanity, which allows me to connect to your humanity with no judgment.  


I am committed to my personal development, which allows me to support and celebrate your personal development authentically.


I am committed to living as a 'well-being' so I can empower and elevate your well-being. 

The Hunger Project

Kemi visited Uganda with The Hunger Project to experience their work first hand in 2013. She is now a facilitator for their Australian and overseas projects and is proud to be part of an organisation that believes the empowerment of women is the most powerful way to end poverty.

The Hunger Project Website

Free Resources

The Self-Coaching Check-In


I’ve compiled these questions to support you as you navigate life – the ups, the downs and the in-between times. 

You may answer them all in one go, with your journal by your side, or you may want to dip in and out as challenges and goals arise. 

These questions will bring you clarity, sharpen your focus, honour who you are, what you want, and how you want to contribute to the world. 

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