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The Gift of Asking

A woman's guide to owning her wants and needs without guilt

If you struggle to say no, take time for yourself, or ask for what you want or need, this book is for you.

As women, we are allowed to ask for more. We are allowed to ask for different. We are allowed to ask for better.

And yet many women struggle to make requests that would help them, whether in their personal or professional lives, for fear that they'll seem greedy, selfish or undeserving.

The Gift of Asking, executive and personal coach Kemi Nekvapil breaks down our cultural myths around asking, and teaches-

- How to own your wants and needs, without guilt or apology
- Step-by-step processes to ask confidently for what you want or need, even if your knees are shaking
- What to do when the answer is 'no'.

We are always worthy of the ask, and getting comfortable with it is a sure step towards feeling empowered and valued in all aspects of life.

Are you ready to start asking?

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