"You are not broken, you do not need to be fixed"

-Kemi Nekvapil

The Gift of Asking: Mini-Workshop


If you struggle to say no, take time for yourself or ask for what you want or need, this workshop is for you.

As women, we are allowed to ask for more. We are allowed to ask for different. We are allowed to ask for better.

And yet, many women struggle to make requests that would help them, whether in their personal or professional lives, for fear that they'll seem greedy, selfish or undeserving.

In this workshop I will teach you:

  1. How to own your wants and needs, without guilt or apology
  2. Step-by-step processes to ask confidently for what you want or need, even if your knees are shaking
  3. Break down the cultural myths about asking and the impacts on women.

In this pre-recorded 90-minute workshop, that you can watch at your own pace, you'll not only create your own asking actions but you'll also be empowered by the women participating in the workshop. 

Are you ready to start asking?

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Kemi Nekvapil

"In my imagination asking was a nightmare, but when I did ask, the actual end result gave me relief and freedom." - Sabrina

The Beauty of Boundaries:



Do you struggle to set boundaries? 

In this topsy turvy world we all need to set new boundaries, in work and life.

Regardless of our age, race or culture, most women have been raised to believe our worth comes from always being available. As women we are told that our worth comes from being available to others. 

The impact of always being available is that we don't set boundaries to protect ourselves or what is important to us and we experience feelings of overwhelm, resentment and exhaustion. 

Learning to set boundaries is a practice of unlearning what we have been told we as women need to be, in order to be valued and worthy. 

In this workshop I will teach you to: 

  1. Shift lifelong learnings and shift yourself forward into a life that honours you, as you
  2. Create a space for you to clarify what is important, to you
  3. Become available for yourself, without guilt.

In this pre-recorded 90-minute workshop, that you can watch at your own pace, not only will you create your own boundaries, you will also be empowered by the women participating in the workshop. 

Are you ready to start setting your boundaries?

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Kemi Nekvapil

"I was afraid that setting boundaries in my personal relationships worried I would scare people away, it has done the complete opposite. We now know what to expect from each other and that has built more connection and respect." - Racet

Workshops Bundle

Gain access to both The Gift of Asking and The Beauty of Boundaries Workshops. They are a great introduction to working with Kemi and getting to know her coaching style. You can begin your asking and boundaries journey now.
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Kemi Nekvapil

Free Resources

The Self-Coaching Check-In


I’ve compiled these questions to support you as you navigate life – the ups, the downs and the in-between times. 

You may answer them all in one go, with your journal by your side, or you may want to dip in and out as challenges and goals arise. 

These questions will bring you clarity, sharpen your focus, honour who you are, what you want, and how you want to contribute to the world. 

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