US Book Tour 2023

Kemi is proud to be announcing her US POWER book tour launch. POWER will be available in America from September 19, 2023. The tour dates will be announced very soon.

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Martha Beck

Author of The Way of Integrity

"This is a book about finding the power within you, no matter who you are or what may have happened to you. In an act of generous grace, Kemi Nevkapil demonstrates this process by sharing the way in which she tapped the great river of power that is her own soul. In Power, Kemi somehow manages to be blunt but gentle, galvanizing but calm, serious but hilarious, vulnerable but immensely strong. Reading this book will pull you into the flow of power we all share, to find the source that springs uniquely from your own life."

Koya Webb

Author of Let Your Fears Make You Fierce

"This is an exceptionally POWERFUL book! Kemi is a powerful and unapologetic representation of what it means to be a FIERCE representative of LOVE. In this book, she creates a space for you to be the same through powerful storytelling, challenging your long-held beliefs and creating a safe space for self-reflection. This book is a divine gift to the world."

Marie Forleo

Author of the #1 NY Times bestseller Everything is Figureoutable

"Kemi shows us how we can claim our true power and agency without losing our hearts. Power is a beautiful call to action to live a more purpose-filled life."

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"The world does not need busy women,
 it needs present and powerful women"

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Blending inspiring stories with reflective coaching practices, Kemi's book POWER provides the tools to navigate the challenges that impact who we are, from discrimination and burnout to trauma and self-doubt.

Reclaim your power and create a life of true joy and fulfilment.

POWER acronym
POWER acronym

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Join Kemi to explore POWER with women from all over the world. In a 75min live global group coaching session, Kemi will coach you toward stepping into your POWER, so you can live and lead without apology. POWER circles are a space of reflection so you can tap into your inner resources and lead yourself into a place of POWERful action.
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Words From Fellow Authors and Friends...

Susan David

Psychologist, TED Speaker, and WSJ bestseller author of Emotional Agility

"A practical guide on how we can reclaim power as individuals, and harness more power as a collective. It’s essential reading for any woman who wants to create change for herself, and change for the world. You’ll return to it for years to come."

Elizabeth Gilbert

NY Times bestselling author of Eat, Pray, Love

"When I encountered Kemi in person, I was immediately captivated by this strong and beautiful woman, who emanated kindness, intelligence, grace, wit, and—yes—power. I believe Power is a miraculous event—a divine gift, an act of creative generosity, and a rare treasure. Read it with an open mind and a brave heart, and watch your limitations fall away before your eyes."

Sally Hepworth

Author of The Soulmate

"I’ve seen firsthand the effect Kemi’s work has had on so many women in my world. There is a reason Kemi is so adored – she challenges women to think about what’s possible for their lives and then coaches them through the steps to get there. Powerful stuff (pun intended!)."

Elizabeth Lesser

Cofounder of Omega Institute and author of several books including #1 NY Times bestseller Broken Open

"When I first met Kemi Nekvapil, I was captivated by her full aliveness, her warm humor, and her power. Not the kind of power we normally associate with the word; not a competitive, exclusive, dominating kind of power. Kemi radiates and teaches a different kind of power—she is a confident and courageous leader, and at the same time, she empowers, uplifts, and liberates others. This is the kind of power that will save our world and the kind she explores in her book. She teaches all of us how to honor our own values and voices, create boundaries and ask for what we need, and put our power in service of a world of inclusion and wellbeing for everyone."

Jean Oelwang

Founding CEO of Virgin Unite and Co-Founder of Plus Wonder

"When I met first met Kemi, I knew I was in the presence of someone more than special. She’s a woman full of wisdom, grace, and good power. After hearing Kemi speak or reading her wonderful new book, you can become unstoppable by reclaiming your own power and living an authentic life."

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"What True Power Really Is"


It is time to unlearn a thing or two we've been taught about power.

Explore with Kemi how power has played out in the world until now; and what is possible if we do the work to make this world more equitable for more humans.

“We are at a time in history where different forms of power are needed, and they are emerging at a rapid rate. These forms of power demand diversity, agency, and inclusive communities.”

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Download chapter one of my latest book, POWER: A woman’s guide to living and leading without apology.

My hope is that POWER sparks your curiosity and ignites the fire within you to begin to own and live into your power - without apology.