"To only inspire an audience feels like a disservice, so the intersection between action and sustainable growth is where I do my best work."

“When Kemi shares her story and insights on life every audience member is moved and inspired, but ultimately they also leave feeling empowered to fulfil their own potential. As a successful actor for many years, Kemi is extremely comfortable in front of any size audience, from small intimate groups to audiences of 5,000 people. She has an intuitive way of reading an audience, a natural and vital skill when it comes to giving powerful and inspiring presentations and speeches.

She has mastered a style of connecting and engaging with an audience, making each person feel as if she is speaking directly to them.”

– Price Waterhouse Coopers

Speaking Themes and Topics

2019 - 2020

Well Being

The 7 principles of well-being keynote is based on Kemi’s book The 7 principles of Raw Beauty. Kemi invites the audience to look beyond what is considered success. Are we successful if we have no sense of purpose? Are we living if we are disconnected from ourselves and those around us?

Many individuals and organisations are unaware that they set goals to meet someone else’s criteria. The competition. The neighbours. No wonder many struggle to meet their goals, but they also miss enjoying the process along the way. Within a team it is vital that the values of each individual align with the values of the organisation they are working for. This leads to better engagement, a happier team, better outcomes and a loyal workforce.

Raised in the foster care system of 1970’s England, this impactful keynote will prove that where we come from does not dictate where we end up. Told through the lens of choice, Kemi shares the choices that she made along the way that influence who she is and the work she does. Highlighting that no matter where we started or where we are, we always have choice and we can always move forwards.


The gift of asking keynote is based on Kemi’s latest book, The Gift of Asking – A women’s guide to creating personal power. Building a coaching practice of female clients over the last seven years has bought to light the struggle many women face when it comes to asking. Marked as the givers in society, where do women have the space to be the askers? How do our families, workplaces and communities suffer when women do not know how to receive?

Women did not dream that they would wake up most days wishing they were somewhere else or someone else. Many did not believe that they would feel lost in their own lives, a feeling that life is happening to them. And they definitely did not think they would feel this tired. How do women put themselves on their own to-do lists?

In an environment where many companies are pushing for diversity in all levels of their organisations, it is wasted resources if potential female candidates do not feel worthy enough to step up. This is a candid keynote based on women’s struggle to see their own worth, either in the work or home environment. This affects the jobs they apply for, the wages they ask for and how they value themselves in the marketplace, and this affects society as a whole.


How do leaders create a thriving culture if they are not thriving themselves?
Vibrancy and passion cannot be faked and it cannot be sustained when leaders are constantly giving to the team and not to themselves. How do we keep our female leaders thriving?

Emerging leaders of the future are required to empower not ‘power over’. Many come in with conscious and unconscious ideas of what a leader is and they do not meet the image they have created in their heads. This undermines their confidence and how they lead. Imposter complex is a well-documented phenomenon when it comes to female leadership. Recognising it and then managing it is one of the most important tools in the emerging leader’s toolbox.

Leaders can only get work done through their teams, and their teams will loyally follow an authentic leader. If we want your teams to communicate well, to be loyal to you and your organisation and deliver promised outcomes, the leaders need to lead with these qualities. The title of leader does not mean one has made it, it means that one has just begun. How do woman lead with authentic power?

Workshops and masterclasses – Where the rubber hits the road.

Each keynote presentation can be tailored to an exclusive masterclass or a longer workshop.
Providing effective and memorable facilitation to bring her keynotes to life, Kemi is able to work with her clients to deliver customised presentations and programs.


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