We are different and the same.

May 20, 2022
Kemi Nekvapil holding a book

I am still energised and deeply humbled by the Dare To Lead™ retreat participants last week.

As the feedback forms are coming in, one thing is for sure; when women gather with the intention of individual and mutual growth, magic happens.

This retreat involved leaders from diverse industries; construction, hospitality, manufacturing, tourism and entrepreneurship.

As experiences were shared, it became apparent that what connects us is far greater than what divides us.

At one stage, I spoke about the immediate judgements we make of people when we see them (before we have even talked to them), and those judgements are made through our own experiences and where we think we ‘rank’ in relation to the other.

“They have more money than me; they have a better job title; they come from a different class; they have another ethnicity; they are thinner/younger/; they are more educated…” , so many ‘differences’ and yet, ALL of us experience shame, vulnerability and all of us have been brave.

The privilege I have as a facilitator to hold a space where we all get to see, feel and hear the sameness in which we are human, is one of the gifts of not only my work, but my life; I am not overstating this.

I believe in the things that make us the same. I believe in us.

We walk in different shoes, on different paths, but our need to be genuinely seen and deeply heard comes from sameness, not difference.

We will always come across people who try and seek validation, to be seen in a way that we do not understand or agree with. We will come across people who seek to be heard in a way we disagree with. And we, too, have craved our validation from the wrong places in the wrong ways.

My invitation to you this week is to remember this truth “We are different and the same.”

Believe in us.

Wishing you a weekend of honouring your differences and your sameness.

Kemi xxx


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