The workshops are now open!

Aug 06, 2021
Kemi Nekvapil holding a book

You spoke. I listened. I created. Now it is over to you!

It is with great delight to inform you that The Beauty of Boundaries and The Gift of Asking workshops are now open for booking.

The Beauty of Boundaries:      09 August 2021 at 12pm and 7pm
The Gift of Asking:                    16 August 2021 at 12pm and 7pm

You can attend one of the workshops, both workshops, or invest in ‘The Shift Bundle,’ which includes both workshops and a $10 discount on The Gift of Asking book.

There has been so much interest in these workshops, and I am very excited to share coaching, stories, hot seats, and provide some accountability for you to make shifts in your life.

For my overseas friends, the sessions will be recorded if you cannot do the workshops live. If you decide to wake up at some unearthly hour or stay up way beyond your bedtime, I promise you it will be a good investment of your time.

For my friends in lockdown, I want to share with you something we do in our family during a lockdown, which makes things a little more bearable.

We are two adults and two teenagers in our family, and I ask, “What one thing can we all do that will make lockdown easier for you?”.

If you have children, this ask may not work for children under seven, but it will for those seven and older; you may be surprised by their answers.

When we ask, we get an insight into the boundaries and needs of others and to share our boundaries and needs.

Please feel free to share the workshops with any women in your life you know will benefit from learning how to set boundaries and asking for what they want in life.

There is nothing more powerful than groups of women supporting each other to own their voices and their needs.

I look forward to seeing you in the zoom room soon!

Book your workshop now.

Wishing you a weekend of using your voice.

Kemi xxx

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