The Tour ā€“ The Questions.

Mar 11, 2022
Kemi Nekvapil holding a book

One of the most exciting things about the conversations around my new book POWER is how much I am learning.

It is strange because one could assume that, as I wrote the book, what was there for me to learn? But I am learning so much, from the questions I am being asked.

Three of my favourite and challenging questions so far have been:

ABC News: “Who do you think has the power in Australia?”

Feel free to watch the interview and my answer here.

AllBright: “What is the difference between ‘kind’ and ‘nice’?”

I said I wasn’t sure, but to me, ‘nice’ was for others, possibly an outward display for others to comment on, whereas ‘kind’ was a way of being that could be linked to action. And so, during that Q&A, with what seemed to be an unspoken commitment to not googling the actual definitions, what ensued was a great online chat with different women’s interpretations of ‘nice’ and ‘kind’. What do you think the difference is?

ABC Hobart: “Do you think that a female athlete with the same reputation as Shane Warne would be revered in the same way?”

I was slightly flustered at the start of the question because I thought, “Where is this going? I know nothing about cricket.

My answer was to spontaneously burst out laughing because, with no disrespect to Shane Warne’s sports legacy, we all know the answer to this one. No female athlete would have reached the heights of Shane Warne if her private life mirrored his.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was only going to say yes to opportunities that had a sense of ease, connection and impact. And that I was not sure if this was possible because the nature of book tours can be exhausting, overwhelming and isolating.

On March 3, I had a wonderful conversation with my dear friend Erika Kramer for her podcast The Confidence Chronicles. On that evening, hosted by another dear friend Clare Bowditch, I had a personal launch event, where I was surrounded by family, friends, dear colleagues and clients who celebrated the birth of POWER into the world. And for the first time, I met my genius editor Rachel Scully!

I am writing this in Brisbane, where I step onto the Business Chicks stage for the second time this week, and I will be speaking on the Gold Coast on Saturday for Arbonne International.

I have worked with both of these organisations for many years (ease and connection), and I am speaking to women who want to make an impact in their individual and collective ways and who want to support other women (impact).

Every single conversation I have had about the book has been eye-opening, engaging and invigorating; so far, it is working.

I flew from Sydney to Melbourne for the afternoon and evening, where I had enough time to argue with one of my teens, harvest some flowers from the garden and have dinner with my husband, before flying onto Brisbane the following afternoon.

Using connection, ease and impact as my filters is working so far.

What would you say yes or no to in your life if you had the intentions of connection, ease and impact?

How would this allow you to honour and nurture your POWER?

Kemi xxx


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