The gift that keeps on giving.

Nov 12, 2021
Kemi Nekvapil holding a book

The Gift of Asking Group-Coaching Program has finished.

Although I know that using the lens of asking is a powerful tool for women, the impact and outcomes from the Program have strengthened my belief even more.

Watching an intimate group of women connect not only with themselves and their wants and needs is joyous, but as one participant beautifully said, “It was a privilege to bear witness to the bravery and growth of each of the women.”.

From week one, I knew I would spend time every week with women who were willing to do the work, which meant we went to work quickly.

I don’t think there was an area of life we did not touch; relationships, parenting, money, work, intimate partners, dreams, mental health, wellbeing…

I can keep writing, but I’d rather share the words of some of the participants.

What did you gain from participating in the Program?

Kudzai – “The ability to re-examine and soften the edges of some of the barriers I create for myself around asking. Learnt to say “no” confidently. Set boundaries and stick to them. I gained: Two days working from home. Several relaxed lunches. A bike ride with my husband and kids. A weekend with hubby, WITHOUT the kids. Christmas day and a week of holiday off. Two weeks of approved and paid for study leave!”

Beth – “A good workout and strength building of my asking muscles! Affirmation of the importance, value, and opportunity that asking creates for the asker AND those being asked.”

What has been your most significant transformation?

Steph – “How I view asking for things I need. Knowing what it is that I want. Encouraged open and more in tune conversations with my husband.”

Marika – “That a no isn’t connected to my worth. Neither is a yes. It just is, and once you have the answer, you can continue asking to seek clarification.”

Did the Program fulfil its promise to you?

Kat G – “This is an exceptional program, and I recommend it to anyone wanting to push through habitual patterns of playing small and self-sabotage. Kemi is highly skilled at building a safe and trustworthy environment while at the same time coaxing us firmly but lovingly out of hiding behind our BS. It was a privilege to watch the group blossom and step up to ask for what they wanted and needed to live their best lives. But it was also an eye opener, as it made me realise: I can do this too! The accountability was brilliant, but even after the Program ends, this is the gift that will keep on giving.”

As we all (virtually) waved each other goodbye after six weeks together, I knew this experience was not the end of something but the beginning.

Asking is the gift that keeps giving.

There will be a 2022 version of The Gift of Asking Program next year, and I promise to let you know when it is being launched.

Wishing you (you’ve guessed it) a weekend of asking for what you want and need.


Kemi xxx

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