Stepping into your full POWER - How to work with me in 2024.

Sep 08, 2023
Kemi Nekvapil Weekly Words Blog

There are two ways to work with me in 2024. 

Just this week, the inaugural POWER Collective™ came to an end. 

As the women celebrated themselves and each other, I asked a few guiding questions, enquiring what have you gained from participating in the program? 

Responses included: 

“My life is my own, I have the power to create it. Life is not happening to me and I can now trust myself.”

“I have something to offer to the world. I’m just getting started.” 

“My world is more beautiful when I take up space.”

“I have disconnected from being a good girl. My internal voice is much kinder. I like and respect myself.”

“I am more present in my own life.” 

“I no longer diminish myself or my feelings.” 

The POWER Collective™ is a group coaching program for a collective of women who show up for themselves and each other without apology.

My mission for The POWER Collective™:

  • To walk alongside an intimate group of 10 - 20 women as a coach, facilitator and mentor (yes, mentoring as well!) for six months
  • For this collective of women to hold themselves and each other accountable in learning to live and lead without apology in all areas of life
  • For this collective of women to not only understand the principles of POWER but to live into them fully so that they can be the leaders the world needs right now
  • I want this collective of women to be from diverse backgrounds, industries, age groups, abilities and career levels because diversity matters.

What you will gain from participating in The POWER Collective™:

  • Full ownership of all you are and all you are not so that you can live with POWER in the world
  • Consistent accountability and support to take transformative action
  • Build a voice that honours your past, present and future
  • Understanding your values and how to integrate them into your life and leadership (if you already know your values, you will expand their potency)
  • Clarity on what matters to you, why it matters and how to live into what matters
  • Setting boundaries within a safe container and a time frame to understand what works and what needs refining
  • A consistent asking practice
  • A consistent delight practice
  • A committed and non-judgmental community of women to support and elevate you
  • And, of course, the magic……we don’t know what that will be yet! But there will be magic. I promise you.

What you won't get:

  • Fluff
  • A Facebook group!

For more information and to apply, go to The POWER Collective™.

If you would like a 15-minute Clarity Call with me before you apply, please email [email protected] and she will take care of you. 


Powerful Partnership Program – One to One Coaching. 

If you want a transformational experience that honours all of you, it requires 100% commitment from you; you need the willingness to expand and grow in all areas of your life. 

If you are ready, the Powerful Partnership Program is for you. My role as your coach is to be an objective and non-judgmental partner. I will compassionately hold you accountable while reminding you of who you are and what you want for your life. 

Together we will explore and break down limiting beliefs, clarify your values and define goals so that you can live and lead in a sustainable and empowering way. 

Personal Coaching - As a personal coach, I work with women who need support with:

  • Learning to say no to others so you can say yes to yourself
  • Asking for what you need instead of tolerating your circumstances
  • Feeling more confident in your self-worth and self-esteem
  • Making a major change in your relationships or careers
  • Shifting from surviving to thriving
  • Gaining extra clarity, focus and accountability.

Leadership coaching - As an executive coach, I work with leaders who need support with:

  • Growing or renewing confidence in your leadership style
  • Using your voice in impactful and meaningful ways
  • Learning your values and living into value-based leadership 
  • Understanding the imposter complex and how it affects your actions as a leader
  • Better ability to connect and elevate the people around you
  • Improved communication, greater influence and impact on others
  • A safe place to land.

For more information and to book a complimentary Discovery Session please do so here.

Two weeks ago, I locked in my own coaching for 2024. I find it incredibly POWERful to end a year knowing that I have a safe container for exploration, growth and action before the year ends because as soon as we commit, things shift. 

As always, I would love to hear your insights, thoughts or musings.

Wishing you a weekend where you take up space and offer your beauty to the world.



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