Rachelā€™s Power + 3 Questions

Sep 16, 2022
Kemi Nekvapil holding a book

Every week in Weekly Words I invite you to share your thoughts and musing with me, and I receive some incredible responses. This week I want to share Rachel’s thoughts and musings with you. Rachel responded to ‘Who decides what you are?’ which I wrote a few weeks ago.

I was very moved by her writing and the action she took. In sharing Rachel’s words, I hope they empower you.

“Another great newsletter and I felt compelled to respond with my musings after (and during) reading. 

What am I? It is something that always confuses me. As a woman in a patriarchal society, who was bullied extensively in high school, I’ve never found it comfortable to claim a positive title – a ‘thing’ or way of being that I thought was something to aspire to and be proud of… unless someone else has labelled me. I let others overshadow my own power and let their words carry weight that was no business of mine. 

Am I an artist? I’ve always wanted to be. Drawing and creating is my soul’s journey and joy. It is what gives me a spark and brings me peace, and yet I have never called myself an artist. I am someone who draws. Someone who paints. Someone with an art degree. I’ve never been called an artist, and so I’ve never used the label. And perhaps this lack of ownership is why art is not only not a priority, but something that is brushed off continually because of all of the ‘important’ things I must do. 

But am I a mum? Yes. I have been called Mum. I have children, and now society sees me as a mother. 

Am I autistic? Yes. A professional with a qualification diagnosed me, and now I am autistic. 

Am I a wife? Yes. I signed a contract, and now people see me as an extension of a man. 

Are there titles I do claim? Of course. I claim the ones that I know I must in order to do better. I am white, and I claim this so that I can see it and not contribute to our culture of invisible whiteness and racism. I am privileged, and I claim this so that I can create space for those experiencing vulnerable situations. These are facts that cannot be denied (no matter how hard some would try) and thus perhaps not so much within the realm of what we can and cannot claim. They just are. 

I have been nothing but what others have labelled me, uncomfortable in taking up space unless permission has been granted by someone with ‘authority’. 

I am my own authority. 

I am an artist. 

Thank you, Kemi, for reminding me.” 

When I asked Rachel’s permission to share this, I wanted to ask her how taking ownership of being an artist has turned into action. Although I did not ask the question, she shared:

“And just to add – I’ve been cleaning out my studio and setting boundaries with the family. It is not their store room when they cannot find a space for their things!”

The power of ownership is transformative, so I want this month’s 3 questions to support you to take ownership in whatever way is relevant for you.

  1. What title/story or circumstance do you need to take full ownership of right now?
  2. What is the impact of not taking ownership in this area of your life?
  3. How will taking ownership free you and those around you?

Bonus question: Will you take action?

I am now on holiday for a few weeks. I will be doing a multi-day hike with my youngest, Ibiyemi, riding the bike my son Benjamin has made for his sibling and me, and staying at the farm, marinating in spring.

Wishing you a few weeks of owning what is yours and creating freedom for yourself and others.

As always, I would love to hear your insights, thoughts or musings.

Kemi xxx


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