POWER – USA Cover Reveal!!!

Jul 14, 2023
Kemi Nekvapil Weekly Words Blog

Whenever a new version of a book is released into the world, there is a wonderful opportunity to create a new cover. 

It has been such a great experience working with the US team of Penguin Random House to create a book cover that captures the book for a new audience. 

I wrote POWER – A woman’s guide to living and leading without apology, so that we can stand in the world as ourselves, take up space and stand in places we may have been told we are not allowed to stand. 

I want to redefine the concept of power because we are at a time in history when different forms of power are needed, and they are emerging at a rapid rate. These forms of power demand diversity, agency, and inclusive communities. 

As I talk about in the book POWER, power can look many different ways and here is how POWER will look in the USA.   




When I did my live interview with Elizabeth Gilbert (who has also written a beautiful foreword for the US version) many people in the US were perplexed because they could not purchase a copy from their usual outlets. Now you can!  

If you are in the US or you have friends in the US, your pre-order makes a huge difference in the ‘power’ of this book when offered to a new audience.  

So here are two ways for you to support POWER as it is birthed into new territory:  

 1. Pre-order here 

 2. Write an Amazon review here 


POWER Circles – Free Global Events  

In other exciting news, I have also created three events called POWER Circles to support the global readership of POWER. A set of three live and free group coaching events to ignite and support our individual and collective POWER. 

Information and registration here 

As always, I would love to hear your insights, thoughts or musings. 

Wishing you a weekend of standing in the world as yourself – with no apology. 

Kemi xxx

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