POWER Talks – Only on audible – NOW!!!!

May 19, 2023
Kemi Nekvapil Weekly Words blog

POWER Talks – Only on audible – NOW!!!!

With an excited heart and a little vulnerability hangover, I share that POWER Talks is now ready for your listening ear!

I’m excited because this project has expanded me in so many creative ways.

I’m excited because I got to work with an incredible co-creator and producer, Naima Brown, where deep laughter and a few tears were shared (and some delicious meals!)

I’m excited because the audible team has trusted me and my process and added their knowledge and experience to bring a unique offering to you, the listener, and ensured there was always vegan cake and delights whenever we recorded an episode!

And now to the vulnerability.

Whenever we create something and put it into the world, we have no idea how it will be received. And as Brenè Brown says, “Vulnerability is emotional exposure with no guaranteed outcome.”

And then there is the vulnerability of the remarkable guests I had the honour to sit with and coach.

Clare Bowditch, Yumi Stynes, Abbie Chatfield, Brooke Blurton, Megan Gale, Miranda Tapsell, and Maria Thattil are all fascinating in their own ways, and the level of vulnerability they all shared was profoundly authentic and generous.

As with any coaching session, neither the coach nor the client knows exactly where it will go. We begin in a place but don’t always end up there.

As I mention throughout the series, coaching is a dance, and if you have two willing partners, you will create meaning and magic.

And for you, the listener, not only are you listening in on a coaching conversation, but you will also be listening for yourself.

Because at the end of each episode, I ask you, “What is the one action you can take today to step into your POWER?

Okay, I should stop writing about it so you can begin listening to it! And, of course, share with any women in your life that you know will benefit from the series. Let’s spread the POWER.

My ask:

If you binge them all and gain something, please write a review.

If you only listen to one and gain something, please write a review.

If you listen weekly and gain something, please write a review.

Written reviews are SO critical in our digital world and will expose the series to more listeners.

And let me end with a quote from POWER the book.

“Every action we take costs us something – times, resources and life energy: and every action we don’t take also costs us time, resources and life energy.”

My wish is that POWER Talks is an excellent use of your time and life energy.

As always, I would love to hear your insights, thoughts or musings.


Kemi xxx


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