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Nov 04, 2022

Energetically there is something about November. I find myself to be present in the year I am in, while at the same time, things start to bubble up around what I am feeling pulled toward for the following year, while at the same time, being mindful of staying sane in the lead-up to Christmas.

How about you?

Well, if you find yourself energetically in the same place, I have some offerings and opportunities for you.


The Gift Of Asking Self-Paced Program – $499 – Is ready for you right now

If you struggle to ask for what you need and want (especially around this time of year (I don’t mean Christmas presents!), I mean, wanting more time and space, the ability to decline all the work/family/friend functions, not hosting Christmas… is the time to jump into this self–paced version of The Gift of Asking Program.  

Each video is less than 10 minutes long, and the magic in the course is in the self-coaching prompts and the tangible action you take after each video. You will learn to not only ask for what you want but know what you want.

This could include asking for support, more clarity, more intimacy, more money, more alone time, deeper friendships….

Even if you only manage the first module before Christmas, you will set yourself up for a Christmas that does not leave you resentful and exhausted.

“This course was really nothing short of life changing. It opened my eyes to the importance of identifying my needs, of owning them, of asking for what I need (without guilt and without justification), and of the positive – transformational – impact of my asking both for me but also for those around me.” – Helen

If you are ready to lessen your load and strengthen your asking muscle.



The Beauty of Boundaries Workshop – $99

Do you struggle to set boundaries? The impact of always being available is that we don’t set boundaries to protect ourselves or what is important to us, and we experience feelings of overwhelm, resentment and exhaustion.

Learning to set boundaries is a practice of unlearning what we have been told; that to be valued as women, we must always be available. This is not only false but can also be damaging to our sense of worth in many areas of our lives.

“I was afraid that setting boundaries in my personal relationships worried I would scare people away; it has done the complete opposite. We now know what to expect from each other, and that has built more connection and respect.” – Racet

Are you ready to start setting and honouring your boundaries?



Save the Date – Reflections on 2022 (Free) – December 7: 12 pm – 1 pm.

For the last few years, I have facilitated a free online session to round off the year called ‘Reflections’. It is one of my favourite offerings because it allows us all to recognise and acknowledge our growth, our grief, our challenges and our delights in the year that has been. In honouring ourselves this way, we move into the next year with the power that comes with reflection and celebration.

More details in the next few weeks, but save the date for yourself and your team, and order the champagne and the cake!


Dare To Lead™  Retreat – May 2023

“Who we are is how we lead.” – Brenè Brown.

Retreat dates: 05-07 May 2023 (with arrival on evening of 04 May).

Your Investment: $3999 inc. GST. All inclusive of workshop, accommodation and meals.

Our venue will be Casas Andante & Allegra in the beautiful country town of Trentham for the first 2023 DTL retreat.  Trentham is a riot of beauty and splendour in autumn, and the gardens at Casas Andante & Allegra are stunning; the perfect setting for courage-building.

Further information can be found here.

If you are interested in attending or have any questions, please email [email protected]

I hope there is something in these offerings and opportunities to support you to live and lead without apology.

As always, I would love to hear your insights, thoughts or musings.

Wishing you a weekend of abundant offerings and opportunities.

Kemi xxx

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