My gift to you – Reflections 2022 + The gift of POWER

Nov 18, 2022

To reflect on this year and to end it with self-compassion and celebration, I invite you to join me at this free event, Reflections on 2022 with Kemi Nekvapil.

A space for you to acknowledge the year you have experienced before moving into 2023. I will guide you through 21 coaching questions that will support you to reflect on the year that was, the light and the shadow, so that you can end 2022 with clarity, self-compassion, and celebrate that you made it. Again!

What you will take away from this event:

  • Clarity: On what 2022 has meant for your personal and professional growth.
  • Self-Compassion: An understanding of the choices you did and, did not make.
  • Coaching Actions: A set of individual coaching actions to end 2022 and step into your 2023.
  • Community: A community of women sharing, witnessing and honouring each other’s journeys.
  • Celebration: A chance to celebrate you and the people who have supported you this year

Date:  07 December 2022

Time: 12.15pm -1.30pm (AESDT)

Register HERE


The gift of POWER

As we get closer to the end of another year your thoughts may be already turning to the new year ahead and the challenges and opportunities it may bring. If you are looking for the perfect gift to nourish and honour yourself or a woman in your life, why not gift them a copy of POWER – A woman’s guide to living and leading without apology. You also give me the gift of supporting and sharing my words and work. #win/win

Readers are saying: 

“This book has been very thought provoking and has healed a lot of pain around my own cultural identity and framing as a woman. But it has also opened my eyes to the pain and experience of how those without my privileges experience the world. This book has reminded me of my inner POWER and how I am worthy and enough but importantly how I can contribute to emPOWERing others. Thank you Kemi, Forever grateful x”

– Penny Pellier-Cuit


“Kemi has a brilliantly vulnerable & real writing style that captured my heart & attention in this book. Not only did I feel stirred by her words but have been able to action practical things to take back my power ! Thank you Kemi – incredible ! “

– Rachael Wall 


“This is a book that I will keep for life.

Words will fail to describe how much of a positive impact it has had on my daily practices. I am reading this religiously!

Kemi, you are my superhero and you’ve unlocked my super-power! Thank you for your wisdom, guidance, humour and honesty. Thank you for reminding me to live life without apology.”

– Taylar



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