Lockdown 4.0.

Jun 04, 2021
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Okay, I don’t have words, really, except that my head gets it, and my heart is a little sad.

It has been a while since I have shared a poem, so this poem feels right.

When I first heard the phrase in 2020 “We are all in the same storm, but in different boats”,  it resonated deeply with me. This poem by Julie Sheldon gives us details of the many various boats.

The Same Boat 

‘We’re all in the same boat’ they say
But I would disagree
So many different sailing crafts
Upon this stormy sea

Some sail on ocean liners
In comfort, style, and ease
Relaxing on their balconies
…Sipping their G & Ts

Some speed along in motor boats
As if it’s all okay…
With little care for smaller crafts
Which may get in their way

Some struggle on their battleships
Where nothing’s going right
Endlessly preparing…
For the next relentless fight

Some huddle in their lifeboats…
And pray that they’ll be saved
Hoping for a calmer sea…
And fearing every wave

Some drift around upon their rafts….
They barely stay afloat
They’re praying for a change of luck…
And chance to board a boat

Some haven’t found their sea legs yet…
And dread each wave and swell
They’re struggling to stay upright
And don’t feel very well

So whilst you’re on your journey
To a safe and calmer port
Look out for fellow sailors
Who may need some support

Could you throw them a life belt?
Or a paddle or an oar?
Perhaps you could help guide them
A bit nearer to the shore

One thing I do have words for is that I am in a safe country; subjectively our numbers are high, objectively they are not.

One thing I am doing to support others to find their shore is participating in my dear friend Samantha Gash’s ReliefRun for India in partnership with WorldVision. ReliefRun is a global virtual run/walk June 11-13.

Do you want to join me in getting out there for our human family in India?

All details are here.

Wishing you a weekend of asking for what you need, regardless of your boat.


Kemi xxx

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