It took 29 years…

Sep 15, 2023
Kemi Nekvapil Weekly Words Blog

As you read this, I will be on my way to New York for the US launch of POWER! 

I have packed lots of snacks, and I'm very excited. 

Last year, a journalist asked me, "Have you always wanted to be an author?" I laughed very hard before answering. "No. Absolutely not." I had no idea growing up that people like me were 'allowed' to write books. I read Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton, Laura Ingalls Wilder, and Judy Blume as a child. At school, I was only given books written by white men, JB Priestly, Bernard Shaw, etc., which I loved, but none of these books let me know that, as a black girl, I could write books if I wanted to. 

This may have been different had I lived with foster families who understood 'the power of the mirror' in building worthiness, self-esteem and belonging. I did not grow up in these families.

In drama school it was Shakespeare, Brecht, Chekhov, Ibsen. Once again, they are incredible writers, and my favourites are Tennessee Williams and Oscar Wilde because of their sexuality; their difference gave me a sense of something I could recognise and relate to. 

When I turned twenty, I discovered Toni Morrison, Maya Angelou, Lorraine Hansberry, and Audre Lorde. I had no idea that black women were 'allowed' to write books until I read these authors.

And now, twenty-nine years after discovering these women and their voices, I am going to America as an author. I have learnt how to 'allow myself'. 

If you have read The Gift of Asking, you will know I do not believe in 'the mind readers'.

Nobody knows what we need or want until we communicate our needs and wants.

If you are one of the people who has asked me how you can support me during the US launch, thank you. And if you are one of the people who has not asked me, now is your chance!  

Below are three actions that will make the most significant difference as I share my book with a new audience.

If you can take all three actions below, that would be incredible, and every time I see a beautiful flower with its petals wide open and unapologetic in its being, I'll think of you.

If you can take two of the actions below, that would be beautiful, and every time I see a butterfly boldly spreading its wings, I'll think of you.

If you can take one of the actions below, that would be delightful, and every time I see a bee fertilising potential, I'll think of you.

Action 1 - Buy a version of the US version with the new Elizabeth Gilbert foreword via any of these booksellers (and you can send it to a friend in the USA if you already have a copy). 

Action 2 - Please register to attend the free online event with Rachel Cargle and Elizabeth's bookshop.   

Action 3 - Please attend one of three Power Circles I'll be running online during the weeks of the book launch. These are global groups of women coming together to explore all things POWER. You can attend one or all three.

Thank you in advance for being the flowers, the butterflies and the bees. May we all support each other to be bold and open, spread our wings, and fertilise our potential. 

Note: I will return to your inbox on Friday, October 6, post-adventure and jetlag. I will hang out on Instagram A LOT over the next few weeks, and it would be a joy to have you share the journey with me. @keminekvapil

As always, I would love to hear your insights, thoughts or musings. 

Wishing you a weekend of allowing yourself – without apology.


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