Holding space for daring leaders.

Mar 12, 2021
Kemi Nekvapil holding a book

Spending the long weekend hosting the inaugural Dare to Lead™ (DTL) Retreat was a dream come true.

How exciting to be spending time with female leaders from different industries who wanted to step up in their leadership, by learning how to be braver and more courageous at work and in life.

We spent 3 days and 3 nights in a beautiful retreat venue on the Great Ocean Road, being fuelled by the most wonderful wholefood and fresh air, so that we could focus on the deep work of courage building.

A part of the (DTL) work includes acknowledging when we are vulnerable. As Brenè puts it, ‘’Vulnerability is the risk of emotional exposure without a guaranteed outcome.”

Attending a retreat on vulnerability is vulnerable.

Facilitating a retreat on vulnerability is vulnerable.

I have no idea what topics will present themselves. I have no idea what will be needed from me in the moment to create the psychologically safe environment for every participant.

Of course, there is a program of content that I need to deliver, but I also need to honour the time needed for everyone to get what they need and feel safe and heard in the challenging and vulnerable moments.

Work is one of the places that, if we are willing to be courageous, we will reap rich rewards. The rewards of being seen, feeling valued and the safety to explore our full potential.

I asked the leaders to sum up their experience of the first DTL retreat:

“Such incredible tools to see the world and people differently which helps me serve them better; in particular women of colour and the journey they are on. Tools for me to be a daring leader to serve the world more fully and courageously. As an adrenalin junkie and someone who has become a little immune to risk taking it took courage to a whole new level from the inside out.” – Winitha Bonney

“A greater understanding of where I am in my journey as a leader. There were lessons that I had the opportunity to revisit or gain a deeper understanding of and many lessons I learnt for the first time. I’m grateful that I can apply the lessons to all aspects of my life.” – Caroline Brunne

“Kemi is a consummate professional who brings her skills as a DTL facilitator and a generous connector to the fore, allowing me to continue on my leadership growth journey with profound courage and confidence. Thank you.” – Jeanette McGill

“Kemi and her style of facilitation was next level. Kind, honest and giving me the supported push I needed. I came here feeling spent, lacking in connection to my “why”, seeking understanding. I leave feeling energised, educated and empowered. I am ready!!!! The effects of this retreat will be long lived. Thank you so much Kemi.” – Mairead Dunne

The participants held a safe space for me to lead with vulnerability, and I held space for them to lead with theirs and together we walked into the arena.

I cannot wait to walk into the arena again in May and October. If you have your sights on attending a DTL retreat next year, please email [email protected] so that you can be notified first when the dates are released.

Wishing you a weekend of vulnerability in all of its forms.

Kemi xxx

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