Boundaries or Asking?

Jul 23, 2021
Kemi Nekvapil holding a book

Every year, when I go to the mountains, I am flooded with so many new ideas.

I mentioned this to my father-in-law, who responded by saying, “It’s because, in the mountains, you are nearer to the heavens”, such a beautiful response.

As an ICF credentialled coach, I know how valuable a coaching space is. I also know that not everyone will have their own coach for many reasons.

This is why I created The Shift Series podcast; a free resource so that everyone who owns a smartphone could access a ‘coaching space’ and figure out their next shift.

Series 3 is currently in production and due for release in September!

I have also been working on another free resource, a self-coaching checklist, so you have a set of coaching questions to ask yourself when you need to find clarity and take action. I look forward to sharing this with you in a few weeks.

I am now creating some online course resources.

I would like to start with a series of mini-coaching workshops to support you in navigating these challenging times.

I found it incredibly helpful last year to attend online masterclasses and workshops. Not only did they teach and inspire me, but they also gave me something to look forward to, and they allowed me to take actions that were within my control. When so much is out of our control right now, focusing on our areas of control is good for mental health.

This is where I am up to so far with creating an online workshop, and I would love your input.

This is what I have so far:

Format – Live (me and you hanging out together in real-time).

Duration – 90 minutes; enough time to get some transformational coaching done and time for an impactful Q&A session, but not long enough for zoom fatigue.

Investment – $97.00 inc GST

I would love your responses to these two questions:

Which topic resonates most with you?

  1. The Beauty of Boundaries
  2. The Gift of Asking

What time would suit you best?

  1. 12.00pm
  2. 7.00pm

I would be very grateful if you can respond to this email as soon as you have read it. It will take you 10 seconds and allow me to create a workshop I know will be helpful for you.

I thank you in advance.

Wishing you a weekend of being very kind to yourself so that you can be kind to those around you.

Kemi xxx

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