Are you thinking what I’m thinking about travel?

Aug 21, 2020
Kemi Nekvapil Blog Weekly Words

In the week before the world was locked down I had taken three flights, Perth to Armidale to Albany; it was a full week of travel.

I love to travel.

I created my business so that I could travel and one of the things I love about travel is that I get to come home. I also love home.

But now many of us have been home for a VERY long time, and we do not know when we will be able to travel and what travel will look like in the future.

I keep thinking “When will we be able to travel again?”

When I was a chef my favourite game to play in the kitchen was ‘Top 3’, I still play this game; I have been thinking about Top 3 in regards to travel.

I have been asking friends and family the following question, so I want to ask you:

The world travel Goddess has declared that you are allowed to travel to three countries and stay for one month in each place. These three trips will be the last time you are allowed on a plane to go overseas, ever. What would be your Top 3 and why?

The premise of Top 3 is that you are not allowed any more details, no more questions. To ease your mind, I can tell you; it’s all paid for, it doesn’t matter when you go, it doesn’t matter who is with you, etc.. Do not worry about the how.


I have taken two weeks to narrow this down, I had a few options for number 3, but I did it!

Here are my Top 3 countries:

Morocco – I had wanted to go to Morocco in my twenties, but fell pregnant and moved to Australia instead. When I first saw pictures of Morocco in my twenties, the markets, textiles and interiors, I had a full-body reaction. I now plan to go to Morocco for my 50th with abundant furniture and textile budget.

Japan – Japan is new for me; I have only been curious about it in the last two years. I want to see the gardens, hike the mountains and sit in Onsens at the end of the day. Sake may be involved. Oh, and the design, I want to immerse myself in the Japanese aesthetic.

Hawaii – To run the Maui marathon, learn about the indigenous women’s healing practices and eat lots of acai bowls.

If I were only allowed to go to these three countries, I would die happy. At this stage, I would even be happy in the middle seat on the plane!

What about you? What three countries will you choose?

One of the defining factors of achieving our goals is being very clear on the goal and why it matters to us.

I invite you to write down your countries and your reasons because when we write down what we want, we begin to consciously and unconsciously work on moving towards the achievement of that goal.

When we are allowed to travel, your focus will be on your three countries, because you have created clarity and meaning.

One of the definitions of happiness is having something to look forward to.

I wish you a weekend of dreaming.

Kemi xxx

You have no idea how obsessed I am by this question, so please feel free to let me know your answers; I promise to hold your dream for you.

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