Two letters from Jennifer

May 12, 2023
Kemi Nekvapil Weekly Words Blog

A few weeks ago, I asked my monthly 3 Questions and received many responses about what actions people had decided to add to enhance their well-being and what action they might take away to enhance their well-being.

I want to share with you a letter from Jennifer because I know it is a message that will resonate with many women.

Hi Kemi,

Love your words this week. 

It has made me realise that I need to delete one small thing from my day, which I have done since I can remember and which is basically awful and dictates how I feel first thing in the morning.

I’m going to stop weighing myself every day. 

This one small act which takes less than a minute, does so much harm in so many ways and yet I have been unable to stop.

Until today. 

So thank you for freeing me!

Jennifer then wrote another letter - to her body.

Dear Amazing Body,

Thank you for hosting me in your wonderful and strong limbs. Thank you for the deep breaths I can take, for the flexibility of the downward-facing dog, and for the strength in those side bends in Pilates. 

For the hugs, I can give, for the arms that do so much work, for the brain that makes so many decisions daily.

Thank you for the life force that courses through me, for the deep understanding of my very soul that I enjoy and for the endless spiritual journey that I am on. For the tingles in my hands and feet when I do breathwork, for the dropping down into silence in my meditation.

I am sorry for thinking badly of you, for judging you, for trying to make you smaller and less. For never appreciating you but instead constantly criticising you and never accepting you for what you are – this amazing body. 

When I asked Jenifer if I could share her letter with you, she replied saying:

“Please share away. I think if I had read those words a long time ago then I may have put the scales away earlier and not waited until I was 47(!!!) to finally do it.”

If you did not read last month's 3 Questions, you can find them here.

Wishing you a weekend of freedom, whatever your flavour of freedom is.

As always, I would love to hear your insights, thoughts or musings.

Kemi xxx


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