3 Questions – October

Oct 27, 2023
Kemi Nekvapil Weekly Words Blog

When I was in New York, I ran two POWER sessions. One in-person event for Audible at their HQ in Newark and one for an organisation whose leaders and community I have worked with for a few years; this session was online.  

Last week, I was delighted to facilitate a whole day of POWER with the leaders at the Women’s and Girls Emergency Centre in Sydney, which houses two hundred women and children affected by domestic violence; this session was in person.  

Before Covid hit, I firmly believed that ‘in person’ was the only way to hold space for others authentically. Not being in the room with the people I was facilitating would somehow lessen the experience and the impact. 

How wrong I was.  

Since 2020, I have facilitated and attended many online courses and events and have found myself deeply impacted, connected, and, in some cases, forever changed. 

In the last three years, I have learned that when a person or group of people are ready and willing to ‘do the work’ of personal and professional development, shifts, transformations, and actions happen, regardless of the setting.  

Although the three events were set in different circumstances with very different focuses, I asked some of the same questions. How those questions were explored, answered, processed in the group and eventually created into meaningful action was the same. 

So this month, three questions are an opportunity for you to explore the same questions I presented in New York, Sydney and online from wherever you are in the world. Because where we are physically is nowhere near as important as where we are within ourselves (our inner worlds) and the work we are willing to do to show up as ourselves. 

Before we begin, here is a brief reminder of the five POWER Principles.  

Presence - to understand what is and isn't working in our lives 

Ownership - of our personal narratives, the stories we have lived and been told. 

Wisdom - about our needs, boundaries and growth 

Equality - as part of the diverse human family, all of us are worthy 

Responsibility - for our choices, healing and happiness 

1. In which POWER Principle do you give away your POWER, and what area of life is this affecting the most?  

2. What beliefs do you have about yourself in this area of your life?  

3. What action would you take if you were to step into your POWER in this area?  

4. Bonus fourth question: When will you take your action?  

In my life, working with clients, facilitating teams, and speaking to audiences, no matter the platform, a common truth is that shifts happen in our POWER when we commit to taking one action at a time. 

As always, I would love to hear your insights, thoughts or musings.

Wishing you a weekend of taking one action to ignite your POWER.


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