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May 26, 2023
Kemi Nekvapil Weekly Words Blog

We are about to enter the sixth month of the year.

How are you going?

How are the plans and goals for the year going?

Your answer may be, “I’m on track,” or you may be scoffing at the question.

Usually, when I get to this point in the year, I review my goals and plans. More than any other to date, this year is where my mid-year review is not a logistical process but an act of self-compassion and power.

The first four months of 2023 looked and felt different from what I imagined they would, so I did not even clarify any goals for the year. I had written a few things in pencil, but in the end, I settled on one goal, which was written in pen because then it’s a real goal! 

The goal: To have a successful surgery with a nourishing, health-giving and full recovery.

I settled on this one goal because this was the one goal that had the most significant impact on the rest of my year; nothing else mattered more than achieving this goal.

I can report that this goal has been achieved, and I can now turn my attention to other goals, like running races, POWER Talks and adventures with friends.

This month's three questions are prompts for you to review what is the most important to you for the second half of this year using self-compassion as your lens. Self-compassion sits in the first three Power Principles: Presence, Ownership and Wisdom – POW!

  1. If you were to achieve one goal this year, what one goal would make the most significant difference to the rest of your year?
  2. If you were to let go of one goal, what goal would make the most significant positive impact on your mental health and capacity for the rest of the year?
  3. What one action will you take today to move you closer to your most important goal of the year?

Sometimes we find our power in striving towards the goal. Sometimes we find our power in the outcome of a goal. And sometimes, we find our power in letting go of a goal because the goal costs too much.

Do what gives you the most power in this season of your life.

It is easy to believe that certain women have all the answers because of how we perceive them. We think they know what their legacy will be; that they are never overwhelmed with the responsibility of others; that they speak up, regardless of the consequences; that they know the direction of their career and creativity; that they are never lonely; that they always take the time to rest; and they don’t fret over sending the ‘right’ email. 

No one has all the answers. No one has it all together all of the time.  

POWER Talks explores how, when and why we give away our power. It also explores how we get it back again.  




I would love your support with one of my goals:  

I have a goal for POWER Talks to reach as many listeners as possible, and for this to happen, written reviews are essential.  

There are currently five generous reviews for POWER Talks; thank you if you are one of the reviewers.  

If you have binged them all and gained something, please write a review. 

Please write a review if you only listen to one and gain something. 

Written reviews are SO critical in our digital world and will expose the series to more listeners. 

I thank you in advance.  

Wishing you a weekend of self-compassion. 

As always, I would love to hear your insights, thoughts or musings.

Kemi xxx

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