3 Questions - July

Jul 28, 2023
Kemi Nekvapil Weekly Words Blog

I am sharing a version of what I posted on Instagram over the last two Wednesdays where I share #WednesdayWisdom posts.

I had quite a few messages and Dm’s, so I wanted to invite you into the same conversation, as I know that not everyone is on Instagram, and if you do follow me, you may not have seen the post. 

If you have seen these posts and have answered the first two questions – I invite you to commit to the third!

When I turned forty, I realised the gift of mid-life, if we are willing to surrender to it, is that we must face the fact that our time here is limited. 

So, on my fortieth birthday, I decided to look toward the life I would want to live, the work I would want to do, and who I would like to grow into if I had precisely forty more years to live.

This shifted my focus from how much time I have left to how much ‘life-energy’ I have left and where I want to channel my life-energy.

And one of the questions I asked myself was - What gives me energy? Because if we are going to give energy, we also need to create and absorb energy. 

The things in my life that give me energy are many and varied because I have been focusing on my life energy for nine years now.

Currently, what gives me energy is: 

Dancing wherever and whenever I feel moved to dance.

Listening to podcasts that believe in humanity and our ability to transform our biggest challenges.

Lifting heavy weights, yoga and running in nature.

Gardening and farm activities .

3 Questions – July: 

  1. What gives you life-energy?
  2. What diminishes your life-energy? 
  3. What one action can you take today to add to your life-energy? 

We only have so much capacity. We are mere humans, not superheroes with endless energy resources. Who and what we give our life-energy to directly impacts how we show up for ourselves, our loved ones, and our work. 

As always, I would love to hear your insights, thoughts or musings.

Wishing you a weekend of moving toward building life-energy. 


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