3 Questions – February + Beyonce!

Feb 23, 2024
Kemi Nekvapil Weekly Words Blog

Last week, I wrote about the impact of showing up for what matters in our lives, and I wanted to continue this theme in 3 Questions, but looking at it from the other side, Showing up is essential for anything that matters to us. But what we don’t show up for also has a profound impact. 

I decided I would no longer show up for one-sided relationships many years ago. Relationships where I was the only one reaching out gave me the feeling that I was ‘chasing’ the friendship.  

What I have found interesting about pulling back my energy from these friendships is that the other person does not reach out to me, which confirms that my assessment of the relationship was more give than receive.  

Or there were the friendships where I felt I had to hide parts of myself to make the other person feel comfortable. Or the friendships where one feels energetically depleted more often than not.  

Of course, in our deepest relationships, when we or our friends go through tough times, it can deplete us as we support them through the tough season/s. 

In any relationship, there is always a dance between giving and receiving, depending on who needs what, but whether it is a friendship or intimate relationship (though I believe friendships are intimate relationships), you both have to decide that you are going to dance together; you both have to be in the dance of giving and receiving. And the dance has to take place on the same dance floor. 

This leads me to the first instalment of 3 Questions for 2024 because who we show up for this year will impact our levels of energy and connection, which will influence all aspects of our lives.   

  1. Who are you showing up for on the dance floor?
  2. Which dance floor do you need to walk away from? 
  3. Which of the above will significantly affect your energy and connection this year? 

I’ll tell you what and who I am showing up for this year. THIS song

And the reclamation of country music and its original roots. I’ll be on the dance floor with Beyonce all year if this is a taste of what’s to come! 

As always, I would love to hear your insights, thoughts or musings. 

Wishing you a weekend of dancing your heart out with those who have your heart (and playing this song really loud and dancing your feet off!).


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