Life-coaching with Kemi Nekvapil


What is life-coaching?

Life-Coaching is profoundly different from consulting, mentoring, advice, therapy, or counselling. The coaching process addresses specific personal goals. These goals may be oriented towards relationship, family, personal matters, well-being, career or life balance. A coaching journey will first explore where you are now. The next step will be to uncover what your obstacles or challenges might be, and finally we will design a course of action so that you can begin to create the life you want.

What sort of life-coach am I?

I am an ICF accredited coach and I work exclusively with women to empower them to create lives that honour and nourish them. My approach is holistic. I do not believe that in the pursuit of one goal everything else has to fall apart. We are women: we do things differently.

Many women have no idea what we want because we hardly give ourselves the time to find out.

We need to be good to ourselves and meet our needs first, because when we do we are better for everything and everyone.

My role as your coach is to hold the vision you have for yourself and your life, and then ask you powerful questions that enable clarity, focus and purpose. We first identify the obstacles and challenges that you are facing, and go to work on them. Once you are clear on what you want to achieve, and what is hindering your progress, together in partnership we design actions that will best serve to take you closer to your life vision. I am there to support you and hold you accountable on your journey of growth and creation. I never judge, and I never shame; I will always get to the point with compassion and clarity, so you can get what you need when you need it.

This is the beginning of living a life created by your own design and not by default.

What I believe

I believe women are powerful, but many do not feel that way.

I believe women are more than mothers, sisters, daughters and wives.

I believe women need to own their possibilities.

I believe success is defined by the woman creating it.

Filling empty cups

Many women nourish relationships with family, friends and careers, at the expense of a nourishing relationship with themselves, which is the most important relationship of all. If our cups are empty, there is nothing to give, and when we do give, it is from a place of resentment, burden and anger.

Many programs are designed to make women feel that we are broken and need to be fixed, but I know this is not true.

We all have within us what we need to create fulfilling lives, but sometimes life gets in the way. Sometimes the “I can’t” voice gets bigger than the “I can”. Sometimes the negative stories get more airtime than the positive stories. Sometimes we feel we have been emotionally knocked down too many times to get back up. Sometimes attachment to being comfortable overshadows the lack of personal passion for life, and sometimes fear of rejection or failure stops women taking the first step towards what they want.

Who do I work with?

I work with CEO’s, stay-at-home mums, entrepreneurs, corporate employees and everyone else in between. We are all struggling with the same issues, but at different times, in different environments and with different life experiences.

My coaching method is based on action. Of course it is important to explore why we do the things we do, but the transformation comes when we take action.

I work predominately with women who need support with:

  • learning to say no to others, so they can say yes to themselves;
  • asking for what they need, instead of tolerating their circumstances;
  • overcoming a lack of self-worth and self-esteem;
  • moving beyond ticking the “right boxes”, to find the thing that is missing;
  • making a major change in their relationships or careers;
  • regaining the passion they have lost, when they feel they are surviving instead of thriving;
  • gaining extra clarity, focus and accountability to achieve big goals they have set for themselves.

Who do I not work with?

  • Women with a victim mentality.
  • Women who are not willing to be responsible for their own lives.
  • Women who need motivating. I am not a motivator, you are your own motivator.



– 6-week Intensive Coaching Program


– 12-week Well-being Program


– 6 Month Program


The next step

Now all you need to do is take action.

Email me – – and book a discovery session with me. This is a 45-minute coaching call, where you share with me a current goal or challenge, and we create a pathway for action, which is yours to run with as you wish.

This is not a “sales” call, but a genuine opportunity for you to experience my coaching method and decide whether it suits you. If after that 45-minute complimentary coaching call, we decide we would like to work together on an ongoing basis, you can then decide which program is right for you. There is also the opportunity to customise a program if you feel neither of the above suits your needs.

I look forward to connecting with you soon.