Women speaking their hearts

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The other night I found myself, once again watching a stream of incredible TEDTalks, all presented by women.

One of the great upsides of not owning a TV is that you have 100% control of what you are consuming, I consume a lot of TED.

None of these TEDTalks, except one, are new to me. I have watched them again and again. All are different women with different backgrounds and unique messages; all have a voice and a story that impacts the heart, the mind and the spirit.

So, I have collated these TEDTalks for you in the hope that you too will be impacted, moved and inspired to share your story and your unique voice. Also please these on to other women in your life.

We all have something to contribute.

Sharing who we truly are, our hopes, our fears our experiences takes courage, but in doing so we can validate and elevate the experience of others.

Enjoy these seven women who are speaking their truth.

Dalia Mogahed


Janine Shepherd


Shonda Rhimes


Meera Vijianan


Chimamanada Adichie


Diana Nyad


Melody Hobson


PS: If you have a favourite TEDTalk that you think I would love, please let me know.

PPS: I have not put the incredible trio that are Brene Brown, Susan Cain’s, or Elizabeth Gilbert in the list, because I think the whole wide world has seen them!

Have a beautiful weekend.

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