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The last few weeks has been filled with joy, connection and growth. I had the honour of speaking at the Business Chicks annual Movers and Breakers Conference in Broome on the topic of Women and Worth.

And just last week I interviewed Marie Forleo (whom Oprah described as a thought leader for the next generation) in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

When I began my business all those years ago, Marie was one of my first online mentors, so it was a thrill and privilege to interview her on behalf of Business Chicks.

Being a part of the Business Chicks tribe is such an experience of support, adventure, growth and joy.

Who is your tribe?

Who are the people who spur you on, pick you up when you have fallen, believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself, and celebrate you and your achievements?

In my late teens, I believed that the more friends I had the better. I also believed that the longer I stayed at the party the better the party would become.

None of these beliefs turned out to be true.

I confided in people who could not hold my inner thoughts and vulnerable secrets. I spent time with people whose only measure of a successful night was how drunk or high they could get.

A part of me realised that this is not how it had to be, not how I wanted to be. I did not know then that if I wanted to change the people I spent time with, I had to change myself.

So often we wait for those around us to change … so much easier than doing the difficult and hard process of changing ourselves.  To look inside and admit there are aspects of ourselves that are not working, aspects that do not align with the life we want to live or the person we want to be.

Some of the biggest wounds I have experienced in my life have resulted from the betrayal of my friendship, but it was hard for me to admit that I was not always a keeper of confidences if breaking them gave me currency with someone else.

Being liked and loved by others was more important to me than loving and accepting myself.

It was hard for me to show up as who I was because I feared my goals, dreams and desires would have me alienated, cast out, unloved; so I played small, and I played safe.

As soon as I decided to ‘take myself on’ and do what I believe is the most important work we will ever do, the work on self, the people I started connecting with changed.

When I changed, the people around me changed.

We fear that if we move away from one tribe, we will be forever alone; but this is not what happens.

When we let go of one tribe, we create space for another tribe. Maybe a few more tribes.

We can be tribe abundant!

Wishing you a weekend of attracting your tribe. xxx

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