What if..?

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What if….?

Sometimes we just have to grin and bear it.

What if the opportunity is to be able to bear something?

From time to time we need to be survivors, we need to give more than we want to, and we need to drop all the balls we are juggling so that we can keep holding onto one.

I, like many, had a childhood of survival, and my emotional resilience was formed in those times.

I have easy access to this pool of resilience when I need it. I do not want to survive all the time, but if I have to I can. I find this reassuring.

I have definitely had to tap into my resilience and survival capabilities during isolation, but for the last little while I have felt ignited and inspired — a clue that I may be moving out of survival mode and into another realm.

You may still be in survival mode, and if you are I want you to know that what you are surviving now, you were made for.

I do not want to give a platitude like, “You will be stronger on the other side.”

Maybe you will, maybe you won’t, maybe I will, maybe I won’t; but what if the gift of this time is to remind you of how strong you were in the first place.

What if we all chose to believe that we were made for these times, because here we are living through these times?

So as we all continue to adapt and change, reflect and renew, survive and possibly thrive, what if we are living through exactly the right thing at the right time.

What if holding this belief gently, makes a difference to how you choose to live through this time?

And in case you need an ‘in your body’ reminder, here is a little Destiny’s Child to cement your ability to survive the best of times and the worst of times.

Press play.

Wishing you a weekend of what if’s..?

Kemi xx

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