What do you want?

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What do you want? What do I want?


Once again thank you if you have reached out in a big or small way in regards to my last three weekly words, my heart is full.

I am someone who has learnt to feel all of my feelings; it is one of the things I am most proud of about myself. I was taught to hide my feelings and that the expression of feelings and emotions were weak.

Susan David, the author of Emotional Agility, says:

“Emotional agility means being aware and accepting of all your emotions, even learning from the most difficult ones. It also means getting beyond conditioned or pre-programmed cognitive and emotional responses (your hooks) to live in the moment with a clear reading of present circumstances, respond appropriately, and then act in alignment with your deepest values.”

I’m with Susan.

In the last few weeks, I have taken the time I have needed to be present to all the feelings, what they have revealed to me, and what I want to do with my new understandings.

I am still processing, as I am sure you are, we will be for a long time. Processing is progress.

My current question is how do I best serve you?

How do I keep contributing in a meaningful and fulfilling way?

I want to know what you want. What do you want from me?

Could you please fill in my 6 question survey, it will honestly take you 3 mins or less, but it could fuel my work for the next five years.

Filling it in now is better than later, later sometimes means never. ☺

I want your input and I thank you in advance.

Kemi xx

Ps, I am signing off from weekly words and any online activity for the next two weeks as I spend time with my family during the school holidays.

There will be hiking, creative journaling, Scrabble, writing and reading, lots and lots of reading. ☺

Wishing you the time to exhale in the best you can. xxx

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