What Brings You Joy?

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Where do you find joy?

I do not believe that joy can be planned for.

We find joy in the small moments like:

When I place my hot water bottle under my calves after a long run.

When my son allows me to give him a hug.

When my daughter opens up her arms to me and says, “Free hug.”

When my husband begins giggling.

When the tram is right there.

When I watch leaves on a tree blowing in the wind.

When I am sat by an open fire.

When I see a butterfly.

When the sunlight hits the ground in a particular way.

When I am in flow speaking on stage.

When I hear my sisters laugh.

When a woman succeeds.

When I dance.

When a client has an ‘aha’ moment.

When I have a beautiful connection with a stranger.

Joy does not come in the future, it comes in the little moments around us every day that we are likely to miss if we have our focus out in “One day when…’

Where do you find joy?

I invite you to take a moment. Find a pen and paper and write what brings you joy. Those little big moments that make up a joyous life.

Wishing you a weekend with as much joy as you can allow in. xxx

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