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Kemi’s insights, challenges, musings and learnings on how to navigate life.

Ways to save energy.

I have had some incredible work opportunities over the last few weeks, touring with Elizabeth Gilbert with Business Chicks in Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane, and

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What Is Going On?

In the last four days, I have been beeped by three car drivers. Now I have to say that driving ranks about 100 on my 100 favourite

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Are You Responsible?

I think we all want to believe that we are responsible. Most of us have responsibilities, but that is very different from being responsible. I

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Brave & Brokenhearted

I am currently facilitating the full Dare To Lead™ (DTL) program for a group of daring leaders. Creating space and time for people to show up

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The last few weeks has been filled with joy, connection and growth. I had the honour of speaking at the Business Chicks annual Movers and

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Who is Kemi Nekvapil?

Kemi Nekvapil is the world’s leading authority on Raw Beauty. She believes a woman’s unique beauty comes from who she is and the actions she chooses to take. As a speaker, coach and author, Kemi has worked in the wellness industry for more than 20 years. A pioneer of raw food in Australia, and an international speaker, Kemi runs events and retreats that transform the lives of women.