Ways to save energy.

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I have had some incredible work opportunities over the last few weeks, touring with Elizabeth Gilbert with Business Chicks in Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane, and speaking and facilitating with lawyers in Sydney, farmers in Armidale and business leaders in Albany WA.

As a business owner, I feel very blessed to be in charge of my calendar. (I’m also pretty sure that I am unemployable these days!)

As much as I am committed to creating balance in my calendar (yes, I do believe in balance; I feel it when I am off), sometimes opportunities and collaborations do not come in a neatly spaced order.

March is a full month for me, and I consciously said yes to it all, I also said no a lot so that I could bring my best to my yesses.

What I do in the situations of fullness is double down on the practices that sustain and nourish me.

To do the work I do, I have to make sure that my cup is full before I begin; it takes energy to hold space for others, so I have to make sure I have the energy to give.

So, when on the road, my meditation and journaling are key, as is moving my body.  I have to be flexible with how this looks as it depends on where I am and the time allowed.  I have been known to jump up and down in a hotel room 100 times because that is all the time and physical space I had, and jumping is powerful stuff!

As a vegan, I carry many snacks with me, because there are so many times that the food offered is not food I choose to eat. Once again, it is my choice to be vegan, and my choice to carry a mini-supermarket wherever I go.

As an introvert, my noise-cancelling headphones have been my biggest joy since the birth of my children! Sometimes, I am wearing them when they are not even switched on; I enjoy the way they hold my brain together.

My capsule wardrobe is a lifestyle choice that supports me immensely. I do not waste energy on what to wear, because only wearing four colours means that everything works together.

Having a bathroom bag pre-packed for travel with the products I use at home is also a way I preserve my energy: I grab it and go.

And I have my garden, which fills me up and balances me in every way.

Every single one of us has a certain amount of energy, and this energy always needs replenishing, so being conscious of where our energy gets depleted is essential.

So many aspects of life can deplete us: people, environments, social media … the news!

Some of the practices I have shared above are new for me, and some I have had for 20-plus years. I need all of them to save and replenish, to fill my cup and allow me to show up in the world as best I can.

What practices do you have that allow you to show up the best you can?

I would love to know, and if there are enough email responses, I will put together a list so we can all share our favourite energy-savers and givers.

Wishing you a weekend of boundless energy. xxx

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