Tickets are on sale now!!!

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Today is the day!

If you trust my commitment to providing quality events that make a meaningful difference in peoples lives, you don’t even need to read this whole email, buy your tickets now because this launch is like no other.

Tickets are limited, so you need to take action on this one and as you support me and my work by reading ‘weekly words’ I want you to be there to celebrate with me.

This event has been created to ignite your mind, body and spirit and introduce to a new form of podcast.

If you have worked with me as your coach, you know what a powerful tool coaching is for clarity, momentum and transformation.

Maybe you want to have coaching with me, but for various factors you are unable to, well, The Kemi Nekvapil Podcast has been created so that anyone with a device and an internet connection can experience the coaching process and use that process to shift forwards in their life.

On launch night I will take you through a live version of the podcast so that you can experience the effect, ‘in real life.’

But it does not end there.

In partnership with Lululemon Athletica, I have also created – The Shift Coaching Series – A 3-week in-person group coaching program.

For 3-weeks I will coach you towards what you truly desire for yourself and your life.

There is nothing like a group of people all wanting to make the shift together; it creates momentum, accountability, community and fun along the way.

·     Week 1: Commitment – Thursday – Sept 12th– Chapel Street Store 7.30pm
·     Week 2: Growth – Thursday – Sept 19th– Camberwell Store, 7.30pm
·     Week 3: Boundaries – Wed 25thSept – Chadstone Store, 7.30pm

4-weeks of live coaching for only $49

But it does not end there.

You will also receive a beautiful gift from MiGoals to support you on your coaching journey.

You will receive refreshment from Remedy Kombucha.

You will receive delights from Mother Earth and a few other surprises on launch night.

Bring your friends, your team, your family, I promise you a night of joyous living.

Tickets are limited, so you need to take action now!

As I say on the podcast – One action – One shift. At at a time.

Today’s action – Buy your tickets. 

Wishing you a weekend of sharing this event with your people and bringing them along. xxx

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