Success in Steps

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At 6pm this evening, I will begin my 104km endurance challenge in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges here in Melbourne, Australia, to raise funds for the Australian Himalayan Foundation.

It is a big physical and mental challenge, one I have been training for since January, and with the help of a coach for the last two months.

This is a goal that seems impossible in many ways, which is why it needs to be broken down into manageable chunks, with clear success steps along the way.

As this is a looped course (28 loops), every loop is a measure of success, but I have also added in other steps that I believe are worth celebrating along the way.

I do this in my training as well. I work out what the success steps are along the way: doing the first night-session, completing a certain number of loops, the longest training session.

For this event my success steps include:

•    Reaching my fundraising goal (thank you if you have already donated)
•    Getting to the start line at 6pm today!
•    Reaching the marathon distance of 42km
•    Running into the sunrise
•    Reaching the second marathon distance 84km
•    Being on my feet for 24 hours
•    Finishing the final loop with a smile on my face before the cut off time, which is 11pm on Saturday.

I will have a loyal crew supporting me all the way, my family, trail sisters and friends, and they also know what the success steps are, so that we can all celebrate them together.

What are the big challenges and goals  in your life right now?

They might be at work, in the home or in your relationships. When we are on the way to reaching a goal or overcoming a challenge, success steps empower and convince us to keep going; that the effort is paying off; that our hard work is moving us forwards.

And who are the people that are going to support you along the way?

Let them know what you are up to, so that you feel supported on the journey.

There will come a point in the event when every forward step I take will be a success step.

If we only wait for the one goal at the end, it may mean that we never reach it, and it all seems like a slog, with no fun along the way.

Measure and celebrate the small amounts of progress as they arrive, because they are the ones that build up over time.

They are the ones that will have you succeed.

Wishing you a weekend of small steps and success. xxx

If you still wish to donate and support The Australian Himalayan Foundation to fund community-led projects in the Everest region of Nepal. Please donate here

NO amount is too small.

I thank you in advance.

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