Speaking Testimonials

“Kemi provided a safe place for women in regional and rural NSW to be vulnerable and share their story; to own how they feel, to own raw emotions and be okay with those emotions. This is something these resilient and strong women don’t do often, nor are they provided the opportunity to do so. Kemi fulfilled her brief; I could not have asked any more or any less. Kemi was professional to deal with in every way. To describe Kemi as a speaker/ facilitator is hard to summarise into one sentence or one word, but if I was to choose a word, it would be ‘real’. Kemi has a ‘no bs’ approach in a way that is relatable, funny and extremely engaging. The attendee feedback from the event regarding Kemi as the keynote was nothing but positive. They were humbled and felt immense gratitude that a guest speaker of the calibre Kemi came to a small town like Argyle.”
– Jessica Harris │ IAG

“Kemi spoke at our Women’s Leadership Forum and was sensational! The feedback from our attendees included, life-changing, empowering, inspirational, real and they all had so much gratitude for such an incredible woman coming to our regional location. Kemi has a way of lighting up a room through her stories and ensuring women take action through her teaching. We highly recommend Kemi and would love to have her back!”

– Kahlia Ericson │ Albany Chamber of Commerce & Industry

“Kemi’s presentation was absolutely incredible! Extremely dynamic and ­­­­charismatic, grasping the entire teams attention instantly. Her speech was unique and captivating and she managed to completely change the atmosphere. Kemi tailored her approach according to the goals of our team and connected with us all on a personal level. Kemi brought value to our team and left us feeling ‘warm and fuzzy’, as well as empowered and ready to ask more. There was an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from everyone in the team and I would highly recommend Kemi to anyone interested in a coach/speaker.”

– Chelsea Preston │ Maddocks Lawyers

“Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! Kemi’s relatable attitude to women’s issues generated plenty of fun interaction amongst delegates, kept our audience engaged throughout and empowered them to leave feeling inspired! And it didn’t stop there. Feedback shared with us as the event organisers evidenced take-homes on a personal level for both work and home, it let us know that discussions were still occurring days after the event and to back it all up…we achieved a 74% return rate on our evaluations. Need we say more! Thank you Kemi and our sponsors for the introduction to our Women In Strata!”

– Sharon Lameris │ Education & Policy Manager │ Strata Community Australia (Vic)

“Kemi’s talk on ‘Managing self in order to manage others’ for leaders in the family violence sector was highly engaging and insightful. Kemi’s energy is contagious, she openly and vulnerably shares her own story and skilfully engages participants, facilitating deep reflections on their relationship to self to gain a better understanding as to how they can effectively lead. Kemi exceeded expectations and feedback from participants was outstanding.”

– Shae Allen│Events and Administration Coordinator │ Future Social Service Institute/ RMIT University

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your keynote and workshop. One delegate shared, – “Kemi’s session was engaging, confronting and passionate in teaching how to identify what matters to each of us and how to anchor personal power to influence and achieve what we need and want. In an amazing 90 minute session Kemi shifted and transformed a room full of educators to value, cherish and achieve their worth.” – I have just been through all the evaluation forms and your presentations were clearly appreciated by all who attended. Life-changing is the word that springs to mind to describe the impact of your sessions.”

– Kerry Green│Australian Education Union

“We engaged Kemi to speak at two educational seminars held for our high end clients. Her presentations truly hit the mark according to our brief, and although our audience was slightly different on each occasion, (first seminar junior staff, second seminar business principals), Kemi was careful to adjust her content, ensuring both presentations held relevance and appeal for both audiences.

With overwhelmingly positive feedback from clients, we couldn’t be happier with how Kemi’s presentations were received. She lit up the room, kept what can be a tough crowd completely captivated, and was an absolute delight to work with!”

– Sophie Mettrick │ Marketing & Communications Manager │ Whitbread Insurance
“Kemi spoke at Imagine The Possibilities – a regional event for creative, entrepreneurial and business women and she had a profound impact on our guests. Kemi is a true gem – candidly sharing her story which in turn, empowers women to share their own story and walk away with a sense of conviction and action. She is funny, professional, thought-provoking and intelligent. We can’t wait to work with her again in the future.”
– Emily Umbers │ Event Executive │ JunctionMoama
“Kemi’s dynamic presentation had everybody truly engaged and hanging on every word. The content was authentic and meaningful and really connected with our team of sales and education staff . Kemi’s style of delivery couple with her fabulous sense of humour really ensures the message is remembered long after the presentation. Many of the team members commented to me that they felt Kemi was speaking directly to them, the queue for her book-signing was proof itself! I would highly recommend Kemi to any team looking for inspiration, motivation and powerful guidance.”
− Suzette Cassie | General Manager | Dermalogica
“Kemi spoke at Randstad’s Directions event and has created an inspiring movement amongst our members. Her warm and welcoming approach allowed our audience to open up and face the challenges in life and aspire to make changes and embrace the freedom of choice for personal improvement. The audience was overwhelmed with her charisma and the impressed with her engagement involving every audience member in the journey. Kemi was a breath of fresh air and an amazing presenter who would love to welcome back again in the future. “
− Jacqui Dohrmann | Office Manager | Randstad
“Kemi has the ability to capture the hearts of a room and leave each and every single woman walking away feeling empowered and ready to conquer. Kemi’s personal story provides warmth whilst still managing to express a powerful message. Love. Kemi is a consummate professional and I look forward to working together again in the future.”
− Lois Shaw | Events Executive | Business Chicks
“We were so honored to have Kemi as a key-note speaker on the first Big hearted business weekend. Her generosity, integrity and absolute skill with the audience was obvious from the (literally) hundreds of comments we received from attendees about how much inspiration they had gleaned from Kemi’s presentation. She was not only warm and hilarious, she was also a life-changer for many of the women there (myself included).”
− Clare Bowditch | Big Hearted Business

“Kemi not only provided our staff with something new to learn but her presentation was interactive and thoroughly enjoyed by all who were present. The amount of positive feedback was a testament to how fantastic Kemi’s presentation was to our staff”

− PriceWaterhouseCoopers
“From the minute Kemi commenced the workshop the audience was completely captivated with her humility, humorous storytelling and above all her intuitive ability to connect with everyone in the room.” “The day was a huge success with our guests leaving with a strong sense of confidence and gratitude – this was strongly expressed in the heart felt testimonials we received after the event…” “It was a great day full of inspiration, emotion and nourishment and encouragement to get out of the comfort zone and embrace new things. What an amazing woman Kemi is, absolutely life changing!” “Kemi was inspiring, motivational, insightful and spirited and I personally got so much from listening and participating.”
− The Team at CSR Monier
“We were uplifted, encouraged and captivated by this very kind and unique woman who encouraged us to live life fully. I wholeheartedly feel that the way she delivered the message that empowerment is a choice that we alone can make for ourselves, will resonate with guests for the rest of their lives. We truly could not have asked for more. Thank you Kemi.”
− Debra Ojumu | Director of Skin I’m In Enterprises
“From the moment I engaged with Kemi I knew that she would be a pleasure to work with. She went beyond the normal preparation once given the brief and really took the time to understand our business and what was we hoped to accomplish with her session. Once she stepped into the room she was engaging and connected with our audience on many levels. The initial session she did with our team was transforming and changed lives which immediately convinced us to invite her back to speak to another group. We had the same results and were again blown away! Kemi is an incredible coach and I look forward to bringing her back in the future!”
− Melissa Amavisca | Arbonne International