Speakers Bio

When Kemi shares her story and insights on life every audience member is moved and inspired, but ultimately they also leave feeling empowered to fulfil their own potential.

English born with a Nigerian heritage, she spent her entire childhood in foster care and draws on her early experiences of disempowerment to inspire other women to create lives of worthiness and fulfillment.

Kemi empowers audiences around the world through sharing stories of her life – assumptions cast on her about who she is, not just as a woman; but as a black woman.

Charismatic, engaging, dynamic and wholehearted, this captivating orator can silence a room through her artful storytelling and powerful presence.

She radiates warmth and energy through her actions and words, connecting deeply with listeners and offering truth to the notion that where you start in life isn’t where you must end up.

A successful actor over many years, Kemi engages intuitively and effortlessly with audiences of all sizes – delivering meaningful, authentic and uplifting presentations that speak directly and intimately to all those in her presence.

In a space that is often crowded with conflicting and confusing messaging around what it means to live empowered and passionate lives, Kemi’s distinctive approach cuts through.

Her humorous and unapologetic narrative is refreshingly rare, and her insights around choice and empowerment resonate powerfully with women from all walks of life.