Women are burning, cutting, poisoning and starving themselves all in the name of beauty.

The diet industry is a multi-million dollar industry that feeds on the self-esteem of women and every week there is a new diet and a new way for women to not feel good enough.

A woman may be successful, but is she thin enough? She may be 50 years old, but is her skin flawless enough? She may have birthed children, but is her stomach flat enough?

This constant need for women to be ‘fixing’ themselves has not only affected how they treat their bodies, but it has affected their self-care, their self-worth and their self-love.

This can leave women feeling unworthy, exhausted, resentful and unfulfilled.

Raw Beauty nourishes a woman’s unique beauty, which comes from who she is and the actions she chooses to take.

Based on The 7 Principles of Raw Beauty, Raw Beauty will hold the reader by the hand and take her on a journey of inner and outer transformation. A transformation that leads to a calm glow of self-love, self-care and self-worth.