POWER Circle Two

Wednesday September 27 – 9:30pm ET / 6:30pm PT
(11:30am AEST, September 28)

Join Kemi to explore POWER with women from all over the world. In a 75min live global group coaching session, Kemi will coach you toward stepping into your POWER, so you can live and lead without apology. POWER circles are a space of reflection so you can tap into your inner resources and lead yourself into a place of POWERful action.

One action at a time.

What People Are Saying:

I’ve seen firsthand the effect Kemi’s work has had on so many women in my world. There is a reason Kemi is so adored – she challenges women to think about what’s possible for their lives and then coaches them through the steps to get there. Powerful stuff (pun intended!).

Sally Hepworth

When I encountered Kemi in person, I was immediately captivated by this strong and beautiful woman, who emanated kindness, intelligence, grace, wit, and—yes—power. I believe Power is a miraculous event—a divine gift, an act of creative generosity, and a rare treasure. Read it with an open mind and a brave heart, and watch your limitations fall away before your eyes.

Elizabeth Gilbert

Kemi shows us how we can claim our true power and agency without losing our hearts. Power is a beautiful call to action to live a more purpose-filled life.

Marie Forleo