Let’s Dance

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Let’s dance.


We are all in the same boat.

We all have different thoughts and feelings about the type of boat we are in, how we got into the boat and how and when this boat will reach the shore.

What we do while we are sailing these rough waters will impact how we land on the shore.

So, what can we do?

I have an idea.

In sharing people’s daily delights over the past two weeks through The Delight Diaries on Instagram, there has been a pastime that is bringing so many people delight.


So how about for a few minutes we just dance. Dance off the worry. Dance off the crazy. Dance off needing to be in control. Dance off the fear.

For 3-4 minutes, let’s dance. Right now.


Choose your genre. Turn it up Loud. Get moving.


For the dancers who love modern pop: Indie Tones and I – Dance Monkey

For the dancers who love 80’s pop: Culture Club – Karma Chameleon 

For the dancers who love Indigenous music: Baker Boy – Cool As Hell

For the dancers who love 90’s R&B: Mary J Blige – Family Affair

For the dancers who love rock and roll: Jerry Lee Lewis – Whole lot a shakin going on

For the dancers who love rock: Aerosmith – Walk this way

For the dancers who love reggae: Bob Marley – One Love 

For the dancers who love crazy (really crazy) house: Freaks – Tommy Trumpet

For the dancers who love BollyWood: Slumdog Millionaire 

For the dancers who don’t dance: David Bowie – Let’s Dance 

And if you feel like sharing your dance moves, tag me on Instagram and #thedelightdiaries.
Wishing you 4-5 mins of tuning into the rhythm, shaking up the mind and connecting to yourself.

-Kemi xxx

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