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How is your distance vision?

Recently I went to have an eye test to check everything was okay. Everything was okay.

At one point during my various tests, the optometrist said to me, “You have good distance vision.”

As she set up the tools to measure my short distance vision, I asked what is the most common deficiency among her patients. “Definitely near vision issues.”, she replied.

We discussed whether this was due to screens. She told me a recent study was done of university students and in 1984, 50% of the students were nearsighted, now it’s 97%. “It is because we do not train our eyes for long distance. We are training them for short distance.”

This made me think about life and how being able to see into the distance, to be able to ‘vision into the future’ has such an impact on what we do now.

For example, if you are not enjoying your work, and you look to where you are expected to progress within the organisation you are working in and see that you do not want to be like your manager, it may be the long distance vision you need in order to make a change.

If you have just had an argument with your elderly parent but you see, looking into the future, that you do not have long with them, you may choose to make amends sooner.

I think the quote “Do something today that your future self will be proud of” is very powerful.  It forces us to project out into the future. Who is my future self? Who do I need to be today to become that person? What actions do I need to take?

Having distance vision allows us to see the end of the story a little clearer. Do you have the promotion? Are you happy (enough) with your parenting style? Are you doing meaningful work? Do you travel the world? Is your relationship thriving?

And a more impactful question is, “Am I willing to do what it will take to get me there?”

We often delude ourselves that we are willing to do what it will take, but in many cases, we are not.  We actually want the gains without experiencing the blood, sweat and tears. And there always is blood, sweat and tears when you are shifting from one paradigm to another.

Are you willing anyway? Is your distance vision pulling you forwards?

Wishing you a visionary weekend. xxx