How can I support you? 

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How can I support you?


In my three questions for April, I asked you to ask yourself: “What do I need right now?”

I have been asking myself this question many, many times a day, and it is gold.

Another question I have been asking myself is: “How can I support you right now?”

It has taken me a few weeks to be still and sit with the options.

The result — I have decided to offer a group coaching program called My Current Normal.

My Current Normal is a 6-week program, full of coaching, connection, and compassion.

There will be no ‘fluff or fillers’; you will not be overwhelmed with PDFs and videos. Purely live coaching (via Zoom of course!) where I will provide you with a safe space to focus on how you want to live, work and ‘be’ for the next six weeks and beyond.

We do not know, and cannot control, how long we will be living the way we are, but we can choose how to navigate this new way of living.

I have times when I am highly productive, and times when the global grief and sadness are heavy; I grant myself both of these spaces and all the grey in-between. I want to create the space for you to give to yourself what you need through coaching and community.
Do you want to slow down, but your identity is tied to your productivity?

Do you want to start or complete a project and need consistent accountability and structure?

Do you need to create a whole new set of rituals to take care of your mental health and wellbeing during this time of change?

Do you need to lead a remote team or support home-schooled children?


My aim is for the women on this program to have different focuses and challenges because the diversity of thought and challenge will provide a richer experience for us all.

During our six weeks together, I expect that some weeks you will be highly productive, some weeks you will be more reflective (tears and grief are allowed), and some weeks you will celebrate.

If you know that having me as your coach for six weeks, including the added benefit of a collective of likeminded women, then it will be my pleasure to work with you.

Details: My Current Normal – Group Coaching Program
Participants: 6

Sessions: 6 x 60 minutes

When: Mondays – 12pm-1pm


May 4, 11, 18, 25

June 1, 15 (8th is a public holiday)

Where: Your home (possibly with Ugg boots?)

Investment: $1785 (inc GST)


All I need from you right now is a reply email to say that you are interested in this  program and on Monday you will receive more information on how to secure your place.

There are only six places so if this is the support you are after, do not dilly dally.


Discovery Sessions


If one to one coaching is the support you need, I currently have space for three one to one coaching clients.

A discovery session is a 45-minute coaching call, where you share with me a current goal or challenge, and we create a pathway for action, which is yours to run with as you wish.

The discovery session is a genuine opportunity for you to experience my coaching method, and together we will decide if we are a good fit.

All you need to do is email me, and I will be in contact.


Wishing you a weekend of support. xxx

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