mobile-menu DO YOU REMEMBER? - Kemi Nekvapil


It is International Women’s Day today, and I see it as a day to celebrate our individual and collective power.

I shared something on Instagram through the week and it had such a positive response, I wanted to share it here as well.

Do you remember the time when your heart was open to creative adventure?

Do you remember the risk of being vulnerable with what you have to bring to the world?

Do you remember when someone said, will you play with me, create with me, dance with me, collaborate with me?

Do you remember how you both jumped in and learnt together as you went?

Do you remember how you both owned your limitations and your strengths?

Do you remember how you knew that if you said no to the invitation you would have denied your very being?

Do you remember?

As women, our power to play, to create, to collaborate together is one of our many superpowers.

Let us all be invitations to each other, today and every day.

Wishing you a weekend of remembering. xxx