Dare To Lead Program ™ for Teams and Organisations.

Based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown, Dare to Lead™ is an empirically based courage-building program designed to be facilitated by organizational development professionals.

Brené is a research professor at the University of Houston where she holds the Huffington Foundation – Brené Brown Endowed Chair at The Graduate College of Social Work. She has spent the past two decades studying courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy, and most recently completed a seven-year study on courageous leadership.

She is the author of five #1 New York Times bestsellers: The Gifts of Imperfection, Daring Greatly, Rising Strong, Braving the Wilderness, and Dare to Lead. The most significant finding from Brené’s latest research is that courage is a collection of four skill sets that are teachable, measurable, and observable.

The Dare to Lead™ program focuses on developing these courage-building skills through workshops, trainings and coaching to help individuals, teams and organisations move from armoured leadership to daring leadership.

The Modules

The Dare to Lead program is highly interactive, including individual and team facilitation and coaching.

Module choices can be confirmed in consultation with Kemi to achieve the best outcomes for your organisation.

Module 1

The Heart Of
Daring Leadership

Lesson 1: The heart of Daring Leadership
  • The 4 skill-sets of daring leadership:
    1. Rumbling with vulnerability
    2. Living into our values
    3. Braving trust
    4. Learning to rise
  • Begin practising how to set boundaries and how to ask for support.
Lesson 2: Rumbling with vulnerability
  • Understanding the role of courage and vulnerability at work.
  • The 6 myths of vulnerability.
Lesson 3: Shame
  • Defining shame and its impact.
  • Recognise how shame and comparison show up in the workplace and affect engagement, trust and connection.
Module 2

Armoured Leadership Versus
Daring Leadership

Lesson 1 – Empathy
  • Understand the components of empathy and its barriers.
  • Why emotional literacy is important for effective communication.
Lesson 2 – Armoured Leadership versus Daring Leadership
  • Recognise the armour that gets in the way of daring leadership.
  • Develop the behaviours of daring leadership.
Lesson 3 – Grounded confidence and rumbling skills
  • Learn the power of curiosity.
  • Build grounded confidence.
Module 3

Living Into Our Values

Lesson 1 – Living into our values
  • Identify core values and the role they play in the workplace.
  • Learn how to give engaged feedback.
  • Live BIG – Boundaries, Integrity, Generosity.
Lesson 2 – Braving Trust
  • Understand the importance of trust in the workplace.
  • Building the 7 behaviours of trust (if there is no trust, there is no team).
Module 4

Learning To Rise

Lesson 1 – Learning to rise
  • Understanding emotions in the workplace.
  • The importance of emotion recognition and mindful practice.
Lesson 2 – Rumbling with the self
  • Distinguish how anxiety, grief and forgiveness show up at work
  • Identify patterns of over- and underfunctioning behaviours.
Lesson 3 – The revolution and closing
  • Determine how to integrate the key lessons of the program into the workplace.
  • Making the program a daily practice.


Kemi Nekvapil is a facilitator, who trains organisations and individuals in values-based leadership.

She understands that effective and sustainable leadership now involves individuals being able to lead as themselves, while also meeting the needs of their organisation.

Kemi’s brings to her facilitation a powerful focus on individuals in the room, using her training and experience as an ICF-credentialed, personal and executive coach.

As a facilitator, Kemi works in the gap between where a team is now and where it wants to go.

Her experience and intuitive style allow her to engage with people in a way that opens the potential in the room and deepens the conversation. Her style of facilitation is transformational, not transactional, which creates lasting change. Adverse to ‘top tips’ and quick fixes, Kemi has a bold and powerful style. She is direct, yet compassionate. A client described her as ‘the sword of kindness’.

She is passionate about working with organisations who pay more than lip service to the professional and personal development of their leaders and other staff.


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