“I heard Kemi speak at a work conference. Immediately I was drawn to Kemi. I loved her attitude towards life, etc. I loved her attitude towards life, it seemed so much clearer than my own. I was in a massive rut, unhappy and overly stressed in all areas of my life.
I wanted more for myself both professionally and personally but always felt blocked in obtaining them, and if I did get them there was an overpowering feeling of guilt. I was dealing with a job I felt was going nowhere and a personal life filled with extreme pressure, stress and responsibility and heartache. And I was ready for Kemi to come into my life. My sessions with Kemi allowed me to be honest and completely uncensored, with the actions to keep me accountable and guilt free, the best thing ever!!
Kemi is the most motivating woman I have ever met, courageous, strong, vulnerable, patient, insightful, inspiring and above all empowering.
Without Kemi I wouldn’t have heard my dad say “I love you” the way I needed to hear it and for this alone I am forever grateful. For this alone Kemi brought me peace x “

– Cindy Sneddon

“I first ‘met’ Kemi when she was giving a talk on Elevating Relationships.” She was warm, inspiring and real. She didn’t sugar coat things. Her words were honest and helped create action. I left that day feeling like it was the beginning of a shift in my life just not sure where exactly yet. It wasn’t until a few months later my journey began with Kemi. I was in a place where I didn’t value myself and in a destructive relationship. I organised an introductory session with Kemi and never looked back. Throughout my coaching journey with Kemi, she allowed me to be honest, to sit with my feelings and be ok with them, and create action rather than pity or ignore them or other emotional costs that we often allow ourselves to endure. With Kemi I was able to begin to repair my self-confidence, learn how to value myself and understand how to prioritise what important to me which had the added benefit of crossing over into my professional life too. I also learnt about having openness and understanding to others and not give away my own worth. To take action and be accountable instead of placing blame. This was such a huge shift for me from where I had started.
Kemi is a truly beautiful soul and I feel incredibly grateful and empowered from my experience and the time that I have spent with her.

– Shelly Ann Kimber

“Being stagnant in life is debilitating. Being stagnant when you have a husband and a young family to consider more so. I felt like I was failing at life with no end in sight. After many failed attempts at moving forward on my own I engaged a life coach.
I had no idea what that even really meant but I was so desperate to start living again I felt I had to try something!
I engaged Kemi as my life coach for so many reasons but I would have to say the main reason being is her holistic approach. No stone is left unturned to get you moving. She considers every aspect of your being! She is ridiculously caring and witty. Her coaching style is empowering and effective. She holds space for you and genuinely cares.
She has got me moving again and has given me so many tools that stagnation is no longer an option. I am happily thriving and living a joyful passionate life! She is a coach to be reckoned with, a passionate powerhouse who will get the job done. Thank-you Kemi, forever grateful for you.”

– Desie Borzillo

“I was in serious need of clarity and perspective not only in my business and career, but personal life too. My flight response was in overdrive and I was determined to navigate the next season in my life with as much grace and integrity as possible. Kemi was able to steer me through this incredibly challenging time with clear, concise and compassionate coaching. She asked all the right questions, gave me space and pushed me when I needed to be pushed; all of which enabled me to make the big decisions, kick goals and release me into the next season of my life with confidence, clarity and strength. Even those times I thought I didn’t really need the ‘next session’, it turned out I did and I am grateful for the accountability that Kemi held me to. I cannot more highly recommend Kemi as a coach. Thank you Kemi x”

– Amy Heague

When I first decided to try life coaching with Kemi I had made some major changes to my life. I had sold my house, quit my job and had no direction on where I was headed. The journey I took with Kemi over the following 6 months helped me gain focus in all areas of my life and really made me realise what was important to me. My major achievement was learning to love myself which in turn has made me love the people and places around me. What a great experience and Kemi gives you a wonderfully safe and calm environment to make a life changing journey of self-nourishment and discovery. I can’t thank her enough.

– Melita Gibbs

“From the moment I heard Kemi speak at a women’s event in 2016, I felt a connection to her. Her positive energy was infectious and I was compelled to find out more about how we could work together.
I had never considered investing in a life coach before but, fate stepped in, Kemi came into my life and changed it for the better.
I was in what I thought (and everyone kept reminding me) was a “dream job” yet I was constantly stressed, my health was failing, I was 30 kgs heavier since starting the job 4 years prior and I was in a constant state of fear. Fear about what? Well I wasn’t sure, but I felt like I was stepping on egg shells at work with those surrounding me not embodying the same values I had. In short, I felt like I was in a boat that was sinking and I didn’t have the faith that I could swim safely to shore.
Then I started my coaching sessions with Kemi and she guided me, asked the questions I needed to be asked and held me accountable each fortnight to make whatever small changes I felt comfortable in making to unwind my ball of stress and, ultimately get me out of what was a very unhealthy situation.
No topic was off limits and I felt revitalised and confident after each session. I felt like I could see a light again and it was because someone truly had my back.
I credit my coaching time with Kemi as one of the main reasons I had the strength to leave the corporate world and embark on the new and exciting journey of running my own business (ironically centred around empowering women) and freelancing. There were no guarantees with this choice, I simply had faith in myself and jumped and, whilst I may have been a little scared, that was nothing compared to the freedom I felt once I took charge for my own life and didn’t let others dictate who and what I should be.
Because of Kemi, I am happier than I have been in many years. Her wisdom, support, care, concern, belief and understanding of who I needed and wanted to be as a well-rounded woman were paramount in changing my life.”

– Natalie Kessell

“When I started working with Kemi I was stuck. Unhappy, unfulfilled and mentally and emotionally raw from years of IVF failure and the limbo that created. I was ‘existing’.
Fast forward less than a year and life is completely different. There are so many possibilities!!! Each day I am growing, learning, changing and discovering the things that please me and the things that don’t. The ‘can’ts’ that previously limited me have been replaced with ‘what steps do I need to make to achieve my goals”. When difficulties appear (and yes they still appear), I have the knowledge that each obstacle I overcome, I am one step closer to achieving my goals. That knowledge has changed my life so significantly that it’s hard to believe sometimes that I was that other person.
Thank you Kemi for sharing with me the tools I needed to change my life. I do not have the words to describe what that gift means but thank you. Thank you for this crazy, beautiful life.”

Aroha Dykes – Self-Employed

“I would highly recommend Kemi to anyone who is thinking about life coaching. If you want someone who can help you work through all those things that have been holding you back to be your best self, then Kemi is for you. The brilliant thing about Kemi is that she asks the tough questions so you can get to the place you want to be. She is 100% committed to you, and she expects that you are 100% committed to yourself. Having someone that had my back is exactly what I needed. Kemi helped me find the courage and strength as I moved into a new phase of my life. I can honestly say that the skills I learnt will stay with me always.”

– Dan Brown – Communications and Marketing Manager

“I decided to have coaching because I was a new Mum adjusting to life with a small baby and felt I had lost myself.  I wanted to explore what was truly possible for me whilst building my confidence and uncovering where my passions lie.  Little did I know that taking this journey would uncover a myriad of things and help me in ways you never imagined possible.
Kemi’s coaching style enabled me to form a stronger relationship with my own mother and one of my wins was that we are now able to communicate on a level where we can be honest and enjoy each other’s company without any judgment.   Kemi always asked the questions I was afraid to ask myself and always was willing to work with me even when I was having a tough day.
The difference that Kemi’s coaching experience brought to me was that I realised that I was suffering from post natal depression during this journey.  Had I not chosen to be coached by Kemi I don’t think I would have had that awareness to seek help when things didn’t seem to be getting better for me.  The best part was that when I shared my news with her she was only ever there for me and it helped me with my ongoing recovery.  From working with Kemi I was able to share my experience with other women and was surprised by the amount of support I received.”

Nicholette Te Wao – Emergency Coordinator

“I approached Kemi because I had started a research company focused on our ageing population that I believe has enormous potential and is socially important work. The problem I had was prioritising my business over my responsibilities as a wife and mother, as I’d been a full-time homemaker for about 15 years. I felt constantly dragged back into managing the household schedule. I wanted to drop the 60’s wife and mother persona! By working with Kemi I was able to better prioritise my work, let go of some of the household duties by reducing perfectionism, and gain clarity about where I needed to place my attention. I also learned how to make the most of my work time and business function attendance, as well as feeling free to ‘unsubscribe’ from a plethora of emails that I thought I ‘should’ read. Kemi provided some great advice, tips, tools, and reading that’s given me the kick start and momentum I was looking for and needed. I’m still going strong and developing work and home habits that increasingly place me and my business at the centre of my day.”

Dr Catherine Rickwood – Research Manager

“Being coached is scary, before you start you already know that both the coach and the process itself is going to make you deliver to yourself all the hopes and goals you dream up for your ‘best-lived-life’.  That it ultimately becomes unavoidable, a sharp turn away from avoidance and clever self-trickery, to only the purest form of life experience and ownership you could hope for.  Yes, a very scary step away from comforting mediocrity and numbing ordinariness.  Best choose your life coach wisely.. you will want someone who is smarter than you and funnier than you, someone who is warm and kind yet bold and direct, and someone who inspires you by living into their own big brave ideas and continues to unabashedly expect and plan for an extraordinary life.  Kemi is exactly that person.
Kemi lives the very values and principles of being accountable to yourself for what happens next.  Nothing can get in the way, she very quickly could get to the root of any number of overlapping and compounding matters to help me draw out a clear structure and plan that felt totally possible yet and at the realisation point of my dreamed up potential.  I have big goals and sky-high dreams and Kemi straight away lined up to the brightest idea of these and helped me practically and tangibly plan and then live my way into these becoming reality.”

– Cassie Lee – Power Living Yoga Australia – Operations / T&D Manager and Lead Facilitator

“When I look back now at what I wrote in my journal at the beginning of this journey, I am struck by how negative my mindset was.  I don’t even think that I was consciously aware of just how unhappy I was before I started the program.  I thought that I was just a little lost in life, that my life was ok but that it lacked passion
Throughout the program, I have become so much more conscious of what is limiting me in life. I now feel healthier and happier, clearer in what I want and what is most important to me. I have begun to create deeper, more authentic connections with the people I care about, and am so much more hopeful about the future.  I am so happy to say that I am truly excited about my life now.”

– Meagan Rigby – Registered Nurse

“Before working with Kemi, I had floundered with a long history of chronic fatigue and the loss of confidence that comes with low vitality.
I wanted to begin a journey to wellness and it has been a beautiful journey, I
have more energy and vitality than I have had for years.
I now wake each morning excited about the day ahead, excited to be “me” in my day and more able to nourish others in my life.
The most powerful shift for me was accepting the power of the choices I make each day and the language I use with myself. I have learnt to choose healthy habits, to choose to nourish myself, to choose joy.
Thank you, Kemi for the safe, supportive yet beautifully challenging program.
My family thanks you too.”

– Glenda Pitman

“Working with Kemi has taught me we find the wisdom to teach ourselves when we find the right guide. That single insight has helped me realise that all the answers to my universe already reside in me. This has been a powerful learning that helped me shift a major blockage in my life and develop a deeper trust in myself. These changes have now made space for more connection, more joy, more clarity and more self-awareness to flood in. My life is so much richer for it.”

– Chelsea Hing – Interior Designer