Can you hold on?

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My family and I are feeling incredibly grateful that we managed to have a holiday before our city went back to stage three lockdown.

Of course, the most significant snowfall happened once we had left, but we are not complaining.

I know many families had holiday plans and had to cancel them; I can only imagine the disappointment these families must feel.

The whole world needs a holiday right now. Can I get an Amen!

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the survey I sent in my last weekly words. I appreciate the time you took to give me feedback.

It was very illuminating for me to see the results and I want to share some of these now, in ranking order.

What is the biggest challenge in your life right now?

  1. Dream creation/Goal fulfilment
  2. Work/Purpose/Leadership
  3. Personal Power/Self-Worth

 What support suits you best? Tick only one*

  1. Online Programs
  2. One to one coaching
  3. Intimate retreats

 Which topic interests you most? Tick one only*

  1. Well-being and living well
  2. Women and Worth
  3. Leadership Lessons

I am now in full creation mode, creating meaningful offerings that will support you to meet and overcome your challenges, move you closer to your dreams and gain clarity on your purpose and personal power.

As I write my third book, I will be sharing the journey on Instagram, so if you are not already following me there and are interested in my creative process, head on over.

Wherever you are in the world, and however, your country is dealing with this global pandemic, please remember that there are small choices you can make every day to create purpose and meaning.

Life is always changing, and it can throw us into turmoil, find something within yourself to hold onto.

And if you can’t, please remember there is ALWAYS cake.

Wishing you grace as we all navigate this changing world. Xxx

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