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There are many questions that we ask ourselves about ourselves, but in my own experience as a human and as a coach to humans, the most common questions we shackle ourselves with are variations of: “Am I good enough?”; “Am I worthy enough?”; “Am I enough?”

One of the most distressing aspects of this kind of question is that no one can answer them for us.

You may, at a vulnerable moment, have asked others this kind of question, and I assert that even if you were given the ‘right’ answer, and you were soothed for a little while, but over time (maybe a week, a day, a few hours) you found yourself asking the same question again.

“Am I enough?”

Some of us have been asking this question for as long as we can remember, which means building a sense of worthiness takes time, support and heaps of self-compassion.

As a foster child, I always hoped that I was worthy enough to be ‘kept this time’, and when I was not ‘kept’, my sense of worthiness declined.

Some of my corporate clients who work in all-male environments wonder if they are worthy. They have fought to have a place at the table, but now they are there, they ask, “Am I worthy enough to be here?”

One of my entrepreneurial clients compares herself so much to others that she is never enough (of course, we are working on this together).

“Am I worthy?” is a human question.  Our relationship with the question may change, but we still ask the question.

We all have the question.

It is possible to answer this question with the affirmative, but the answer is not outside of ourselves.

I deeply believe that the most laborious work we are ever going to do, is the work we do on ourselves; it is also the most rewarding.

There are no quick fixes to knowing you are ‘enough’, but do I hope that you find solace in knowing that we all have this question, we all face it in different ways and at different times throughout our lives.

So today, as you do the things you do, I hope that knowing that we are all wondering if we are enough soothes your soul.

I hope it allows you compassion for yourself and others.

I hope you can discover for yourself, at some point today, that the answer to this question is ‘yes’.

Wishing you a weekend of believing. xxx

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