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On Wednesday of this week, I completed The Shift Coaching Series in partnership with Lululemon.

The Shift coaching Series has involved three consecutive weeks of live group coaching with myself and roughly sixty ‘growth-seeking’ participants.

If you were there, thank you for coming on the journey. I hope you gained what you needed to shift forwards; it was a pleasure to hold space for you.

Each session was based on an episode of the podcast and we focused on Commitment, Growth and Boundaries.

As we finished up on boundaries, it makes sense that these three questions also align with the same theme.

We are approaching a ‘full season’ for many of us, and our ability to set and maintain boundaries will be the difference between swimming and drowning.


  1. Where are you currently feeling overwhelmed, resentful or exhausted?
  1. What boundary do you need to put in place to look after your emotional, mental and physical resources?
  1. Who in your life do you need to communicate this boundary to, and when will you do this?

Now we can set boundaries, but unless we maintain them, we are sending the other person mixed messages, because if we don’t hold our boundaries with regard, we cannot expect anyone else to either.

Wishing you a weekend of boundless energy caused by setting bold boundaries. Xxx

NOTE: I will be away with my family at our vintage caravan in the forest for the next week or so, and I will be back in your inbox on October 11.


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